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This is a small town with a tiny police force because there is no need for the police. There is no crime in this little town and it's no businesses, just residents. The traffic is next to none and the people are pleasant
There isn't much happening in town to be very worried about.
This was where I grew up, it wasn't very much. It was typical small town USA. It was a very comfortable and laid back area. But there was not mucj to do and one can tell it's slowly becoming rundown.
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There was really very little crime in the area, only small stuff in a confined location.
The area was great but, the taxes were high considering we really didn't have anything in our area. We had a small little park and that was about it. There was no school, store, restaurant or really anything to do. You had to leave the borough to even do anything.
I love my little town, but it is not the greatest area to live in. There is a bit of crime here and there, and honestly that is sadly the only reason why people ever hear of the town.
There isn't much here as we aren't truly suburbs but we aren't truly rural either, I wouldn't choose to live here again due to our home that I live in. In other areas, there is more people, be housing and more things around to do that there is here.
West Leechburg isn't really it's own town. It's an extension of Leechburg. While both towns are so small they rarely make the map, they are full of good people. There may not be a lot to do in this town aside from go outside and play but everyone manages. There are always adults and children playing at the park. There are people always biking around or walking their dogs. It's a good neighbourhood with almost no crime. I would live here with my family in the future.
not like much improvements go on here. haven't heard a lot of nice things about politicians. they seem to do what they want, or what they think can get them the most money, not what the voters might actually want.
I'm a teenager, a lot of these activities didn't interest me, so I couldn't say if they're around here or not.
cops are too full of themselves and don't really care too mch, unless it lets them act like they're a tough guy. Lots of drugs in the area - heroine, pot, pills... everyone knows about it, but you don't see a lot being done about it
pretty average weather, rarely have tornadoes
its a small town, not a lot of options.
its a small town, so not a lot of options available
small town, so not a lot here
small area, not a lot of businesses.
Being it's so rural here, you can't expect a lot of health/fitness type businesses.
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low crime rate, there are a lot of drug related crimes, but those tend to be more the involved parties having issues than outside people being victims.
usually it's pretty nice, not too cold, not a lot of snow, can get hot in the summer, but we rarely get any major disasters... tornadoes, hurricanes or earthquakes.
there are a lot of bars in the area, but they're all small and basically cater to the locals. You will occasionally get bars that have a DJ or Karoake.
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