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West Lampeter Township Reviews

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I ike the rural setting that West Lampeter Township brings to Lancaster. I also enjoy the annual local fair that is right across the street from my home. This fair brings a strong sense of community to the township which is very important to me. Also, the police station being right down the street creates a feeling of safety. Lastly, I believe that having a local YMCA in the area is another strong sense of community which is very useful. I believe that the job opportunities could be significantly greater, but also that would take away from the rural aspect of the town.
The community in this area is welcoming and is a great place to raise children. It seems like everyone tries to help one another out with anything that may be going on in life.
There are a lot of Amish attractions to keep the tourists busy.
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not many issues tend to pop up in the area. In the city it is worse
It's really hot when it's not snowing...
New restaurants keep popping up nearby and they all rock!
It is hard to find open jobs, but when one is found the employment is great
Around this area there are tons of mom and pop shops and historical places that rock!
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