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Traveling 20 minutes west of the capital city Columbus, blink your eye and you’ve missed it. A 2 stop light town with a population of just over 4,200. Blink your eye and you’ve missed the village of West Jefferson.
The village is run my narrow minded, older townsfolk with no desire to better the community. Allowing no new businesses, and multiple warehouses in the area were given 15+ year tax abatements. Smart for the company, bad for the residents. This has resulted in the potential of millions of property tax dollars not being paid. Money that this village is in dire need of, especially the schools. With the village not investing in its own community, or its future, its hard to make a good case as to why anyone should relocate to West Jefferson.
Maybe one should blink their eyes to miss this good ole boy run, outdated philosophical, narrow minded village. While others are trying to progress, West Jefferson is stuck in the past.
People be more liberal, nicer, more diversity, improve the school system. Better housing and public facilities such as park and community center.
A county like setting, there aren't much of anything around me except for corn fields. There are also no close grocery stores but there are 2 dollar stores near.
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Its a small town, and when you attend the school there, people around the town support each other for the most part. Also, for being a small town, they have many events to get the town together and help raise money for causes.
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