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West Homestead Reviews

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Small town feel right across the river from Pittsburgh. Classes and experiences not available in the Steel Valley schools that are offered in larger school districts.
Great neighborhood just outside of the city of Pittsburgh limits. Great outdoor shopping area with restaurants and night clubs. The area is patrolled regularly and the area has seen little crime.
not the best place to grow up because of the violence but it can be a great place to grow up
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not many wooded areas around, but places to play basketball and football and baseball for kids.
It's not good to grow up where I am from, wish it could be better
It can get very cold, but it can also be very beautiful
There are a lot of resources and gas stations to retrieve your drinks
Employment is this area depends on how you work as a person.
In my community it is not the best to grow up but it does provide us with the stores we need to get through everyday life.
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