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Truly an incredible neighborhood! It has more walkability than most of Los Angeles and has kept the old Spanish charm in many of the homes. There is fantastic coffee shops, restaurants, and bars all within walking distance. A lot of people have dogs, so it is very pet friendly and easy to meet people when walking.
West Hollywood is a vibrant and vivacious city filled with diversity and opportunity. The neighborhoods are well manicured and have a sophisticated air about them. All local stores and shops are conveniently located and relatively easy to get too. The epicenter of the city would be Santa Monica Blvd which has many exciting bars, clubs, restaurants, and shops.
My area of West Hollywood is the best. Within a one minute walk I have a CVS, a Trader Joe's, three resteraunt, an AT&T, a furniture store and much more. There is always something fun happening and I feel very safe in my area.
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I love living in West Hollywood. There are few places where I'd rather live in Los Angeles than this neighborhood. Where I live, everything is very walkable -- supermarkets, restaurants, bars, pet stores, schools. I feel like there's always something to do here and there's ample parking as well! I take advantage of the beautiful public library here as well. The only cons of WeHo is the homeless population and the commute -- two things that are relatively unavoidable in Los Angeles.
Kind of expensive, no parking anywhere - but what else do you expect in LA, right? There is plenty to do in terms of places to eat and entertainment for the night time. Some areas can be generally pretty dirty.
I love this area, you can walk to many coffee places, bars and supermarkets. I am one blco away from Melrose, and it is always quite at night. The parking situation is a little hard, but it is worth it! The rent is controlled and you can still find great prices on places that are still in development.
love the neighborhood and culture! moved here almost a year ago and grew up in LA but hadn't explored this area too much. the people are kind, the food is delicious, and the nightlife is exciting! love it here.
I have been living in West Hollywood for the last two months & have loved every second. Coming from a small town in Delaware this is an amazing shift. Not only am I getting a phenomenal education but endless networking opportunities to further my career in acting
I have recently moved to west hollywood with my young son. I love this neighborhood because everyone who is here has devoted everything to their truest dreams. For this reason I feel more satisfied with all my purchases, knowing that the local community is extremely driven, the carbon footprint is nearly non existent, and the quality is the absolute highest. the sound pollution and traffic is pretty much the craziest but at the end of the day everything is walking distance which has changed our entire lifestyle and has taken a lot of stress off our backs. My only hope is that more of my peers disconnect from the superficial portion of this life and aspire to become business owners that connect more intentionally towards community outreach as there is a tremendous amount of working poor and homelessness.
West Hollywood is a great area for someone interested in a film industry or modelling and bartending career, however the population diversity is low, streets are not properly cleaned and the safeness of the area is farily low.
Even though West Hollywood is a LGBT Community, there are more heterosexual families whom have made it their home. The reasoning behind that is because it is a very safe place to raise your family.
Weho is a great place to live. It has it's drawbacks - narrow streets, challenging parking and increasing crime. But overall the neighborhood is friendly and has wonderful shops and restaurants.
I enjoy West Hollywood. City workers, residents and politicians in the area are very friendly and I feel extremely safe when visiting. I shop there, I dine there, and enjoy going to the movies in West Hollywood.
Weho is a great neighborhood to live in. It is convenient, walk friendly, offers a lot of activities etc. I barely leave Weho except to go to work and the beach and both are not bad of a commute.
You have the view of the hills and the quaintness of family life. In the many parks and school areas, I feel very safe. Dog friendly, great restaurants and great prices for your space!
West Hollywood is an amazing place to live in because it's located in the center of everything you want. Very close to all the main attraction that the city has to offer like great shopping centers, universal studios, good restaurants and coffee shops, Hollywood Walk of fame and many more.
It has great night life and a very alive atmosphere that makes you love it.
Raising me and my brother in West Hollywood was probably one of the best decisions my parents ever made. WeHo has THE best restaurants, public parks, architecture, history, culture, and shopping. We're also about 20 minutes away from any and all other LA neighborhoods. Our flag is a rainbow; I don't need to justify why that's the best.
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Overall, I loved the open-mindedness and diversity the community has to offer as well as the abundant local eats and attractions
The safety is top of the line, upkeep is constant so there are never any real problems.
I love Los Angeles. I hope I can move back when I finish with all my school.
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