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Very family friendly area lots of kids playing together at the park near by, riding bikes, very good schools with teachers who care about the success of Each and every child but I would like to say taxes are at an all time high in the area so I’d like them to go down to be more affordable
I lived in West Haverstraw from 1995-2013. When we purchased our home the taxes were around 2K a year, when we sold rhe home they were $7400. The best part of living in West Haverstraw was the trash pick up and street plowing. I can’t say that the streets were well maintained because they were not. I liked the trash, recycling and bulk pick ups very much, Where I live now I just have trash pick up. It was very convenient and I was able to walk to the many types of stores nearby. There were many good places to eat. The only pet store closed up around 2000 and nothing opened to fill the void until 2015. There were good hardware stores nearby but the drive to the nearest Home Depot or Lowes was longer than I liked. What I disliked the most about West Haverstraw was the litter, noise, traffic and lack of open space. When we got dogs in 2011 and walked them all over, I began to see how much the area had gone downhill.
This is the town that I was born in, I went to the elementary school and moved when i was 6 years old. I still visit the town, I love the suburban areas, and everything is walking distance, the people are great.
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Beautiful scenery friendly people. Amazing restaurants and fast food chain. Local access to many stores and places. Beautiful parks as well.
West Haverstraw is a good neighborhood. It has a decent public school system with good education, transportation, and decent curriculum. West haverstraw is relatively safe, as there are police patrols from time to time. There is no constant obscenity, so not necessarily anti or pro family friendly. The night time in west haverstraw is quiet, not much goes on. There is a diversity in ethnicity and culture. Finally commute is short within walking distance. west Haverstraw is overall a good place to live in.
There are plenty of parks in the area where people play games and exercise. Although there aren't a lot of places that offer fun water activities.
You have to complain long and hard before they actually pay attention to the issue that needs to be resolved within the community.
The housing is great. The town houses are really cute. They appear on small on the outside but are rather big on the inside. The worst areas to reside would be the houses across the street because they are really open to the street and there aren't any clear boundaries between the houses.
There are a lot of families with small children in this community. The kids play together but the adults mostly keep to themselves. Only when necessary like in a case that requires a neighbors aid is there any real communication.
Original Italian Pizza is pretty popular around here. Everyone loves the pizza and pasta from them. Also the diners around here are thoroughly enjoyed. Favorites among residents include Mt. Ivy diner, Sparky's diner and others. Fro yo shops are plentiful here.
I'm not very familiar with the job opportunities offered in the area. It must be minimal because I barely see "We're Hiring" signs.
There are tons of grocery stores in the area. So everything the you need such as food, medicine, toiletries are within reach.
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