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Great community with friendly neighbors. It is close to the freeway and has a lot of options for family activities. The farm lands that surround it provide fun fall activities that the whole family can enjoy.
This quiet little town is peaceful, calm, as well as full of stars in the clear night sky. The street lights are minimal, leaving the amount of light up to the moons natural glow. The rural land is full of nature, wildlife and tranquility. West Haven, UT is truly a phenomenal place.
I just moved here about 7 months ago. I love it here because I live right outside of Ogden and I live in a small country area. They are currently building homes across the street from my home but other than that the location is very amazing. there are homes that have horses on their property and I love animals so for me I feel like it's a win-win situation!
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My favorite thing about West Haven, Utah, is life is a little slower here than other places such as Davis or SL county. Weber county has maintained a rural attitude and appreciation but you aren't so far out in the woods you can't get to shopping, freeway access or get medical care.
I moved here from a small town in NC. I love West Haven! It is a community that reminds me of home! I love how it is still away from all of the city but is growing rapidly! It is filled with the nicest people and I love our neighborhood that was just built!
I have never noticed a problem in this neighborhood. I've never once felt threatened or seen anything of concern. The police are present and there if you need them, but it would be an extremely rare case if you would.
This a very family friendly neighborhood. All the neighbors are extremely friendly and always willing to help each other out. I would definitely choose to live here again.
I love living here! Very suitable for most people!!
There are police everywhere here. There are always people that hit your car with car doors and leave dings in your car, but or the most part that's all there is when it comes to crime. Besides the fact the people smoke pot behind all of the gas stations.
I love the people here, most are very nice and keep up their yards. But there are things that are down about it, for the past few years there has been constant Construction on the local roads.
Haven't had any problems with crime or safety issues.
I absolutely LOVE West Haven. It is the perfect balance between urban and rural. Close enough to the freeway and various stores, but not too close to neighbors or the bigger cities.
It's a great neighborhood to live in for kids to play around in. It used to be very rural bit it is getting closer to being a suburb now more than anything else. Since it is far away from the cities there are still dangers with ditches and lack of sidewalks, but overall it is a pretty nice place to live.
Since this is Utah, we frequently get blizzards in the winter and scorching heat in the summer, with the usual drought. We sometimes get earthquakes since we live so close to the mountains, but that's about it.
If you want a drink you'll have to go to the taco bell down the road for a Dr. Pepper and spike it with vodka at home.
I live in the styx. It's mostly weeds out here, with a few grocery stores and gas stations, so the best jobs here are a closer fit for high school kids looking for a part-time job.
It's okay. The neighborhood riff-raff has been shipped to juvie, the empty lot across the street has been filled in, and it's overall pretty peaceful. However, I hate that the neighborhood has been built over a wetland, especially since that makes it easier for basements to flood. Building on top of what was wilderness encroaches on the homes of wildlife. It's not right, and humans should be confined to cities, while wildlife has control of the rest of the world.
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Most of the shops in my area are big company-type stores, with little to no mom-and-pop type stores. The stores themselves, however, are maintained well and are fairly satisfactory.
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