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I lived here from the ages of 4 to 26 and experienced an idyllic childhood in this town. I experienced so many changes, especially in the town center. Building Blueback Square and bringing a nightlife to this town was one of the best changes I experienced growing up, especially when I came back to visit during my college years.
I went to Duffy -> Sedgwick -> Conard and was always involved in sports, music, school plays, etc. The school system was very competitive and I had a lot of classmates go to Ivy colleges. Although I opted for UConn, I eventually finished my PhD and I credit West Hartford public schools for preparing me for my career.
My wife and I live out of state now but if we ever move, it would certainly be back to West Hartford if only to give our future children the same experience we had growing up here. My wife is also a West Hartford native and we actually met in middle school at Sedgwick. It goes without saying that this town is very special to us.
I like how everyone is so friendly, and I like how Hartford is right next door, with great things to do such as going to a Yardgoats baseball game.
Overall, my experience in West Hartford was great. I lived in there for five years and I attended Conard High School, which is rated the second best public school in Connecticut. In addition, job opportunities were outstanding! Throughout the five years I lived there, I worked as a Chiropractic assistant at a Wellness Center and I also worked for West Hartford Municipal Parking, which is impressive for a high schooler at the time. Furthermore, the town has the best first responders making the town safe. On the contrary, West Hartford's property tax rates are absurd and extremely expensive in comparison to other towns. However, I would rather pay the high property taxes and be able to live in a safe neighborhood with the best schools and great job opportunities!
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West Hartford is a very well rounded town. You have a variety of not only activities but restaurants, schools, bars and things to do. I never am looking for something to do or needing to travel far.
I currently reside in West Hartford due to college however I actually enjoyed it here. its very peaceful and quiet. The area is a good area to raise any family. schools are amazing.
West Hartford is family oriented, active and accessible. There are many excellent restaurants to choose from with ample seating. It is safe and clean. A local movie theatre and large bookstore will keep children entertained for a few hours. For something more educational, there is a large library which is easy to get to. The area is easy to navigate and the public transportation makes the area easier to explore. West Hartford is great for long walks and meeting up with friends. It’s fifteen minutes away from an affluent mall. West Hartford is not a town to be missed when visiting Connecticut.
It's definitely a nice place to settle down in once you have a family. I have lived here for about 15 years and I can honestly say that the school system is very good and the neighbors are, for the most part, friendly. It can get boring from time to time but West Hartford Center and Blue Back Square do provide some activities if you are over the age of 21.
I like my suburban town; however, I have learned through my summer experience at the Hartford Project that Hartford citizens are generally more friendly than citizens in my own neighborhood. I have seen that my family and friends often have preconceptions of many different types of people, and it is absolutely wrong to typecast. However, not everyone can attend the Hartford Project, and not everyone would be willing to attend it, so it is difficult trying to accustom West Hartford residents to the people of Hartford.
I've lived in West Hartford for 14 months. Prior to that I lived nearby for 15 months. WeHa is in the heart of all of it and has something for everyone. Like most of CT, West Hartford lacks in diversity. Aside from that, it offers almost everything else: convenient location, easy access to supermarket + shops, restaurants + nightlife, beautiful parks + outdoor activities, historic attractions - and it's nestled in a state that boasts all the same.

CT is located between NYC and Boston, not far from the ADK, Green Mtns, White Mtns, Acadia National Park, Berkshires, Cape Cod, the north shore of MA, and beautiful beaches in RI. It has many hiking trails, bike trails, rivers, lakes, swimming holes, wineries, breweries, comedy clubs, playhouses, a burgeoning food scene, scenic farms, and festivals of its own to boast of. It's home to Yale and many major companies like Yale Medicine, UCONN Medical, Pratt & Whitney, UTC, various insurance companies, Electric Boat, and others.
My experience to go West Hartford that there wonderful people and things for events. Each stores was great and nice. There workers are nice too. I want to see changes to more a lot of events for young kids and teenagers to involvemet.
West Hartford is a very safe and friendly environment. The education system is well structured and is always striving to improve. There are numerous restaurants where families and friends can go to. One thing I would like to see a change of is more entertainment locations, for example a arcade in Blue Back Square.
I love the feel of the area. Lots to do. There are great restaurants and bars. very safe no matter what area you are in. Best city in the greater Hartford area in my opinion.
Has been my home my whole life and i love it despite the lack of diversity and difficult affordability. It has the small town vibe and is a town for both families as well as singles.
I have lived in West Hartford since I was 6. The school system is wonderful, and I feel extremely safe at all times. It can be expensive and there is a lack of night life/activities for young adults, but it is a great town.
I have lived in West Hartford my whole life and I love it here. We have a great common area here with a lot of shops and restaurants such as Chipotle, Risottos, bar taco. We also have another place just a short walk from this common called blue back square. This little area consists of shops and some more restaurants. There is also a stage that is used every so often for special events like a Holiday Stroll or even a Fire on Ice event for Chanukah.
West Hartford is a great city to live in; there are so many places for outdoor activities, as well as local shops and restaurants. You will never be bored when you live in West Hartford!
I liked the schools and the friendly atmosphere. It was close to many food stores and shops so it was easy to get around. It feels very safe and is a welcoming community. You don't feel excluded and the town has a lot to offer. There are a lot of opportunities for jobs and real estate. The only downside is the taxes and it's extremely expensive to live in West Hartford.
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West Hartford is a good place to stay and start a family. This town has a really good school district because of the education that the children are receiving. The children who attend to West Hartford public schools mostly play a sport or are apart of some curricular activities, which shows how the children of West Hartford are being apart of the community.
West Hartford is a wonderful place to start a family or for young professionals with an easy commute to Hartford.
Great place to start a family or just enjoy the community. Plenty of playgrounds, interactive summer camps, free programs/clubs at the libraries and an up-and-coming downtown area to enjoy. The past few years the town really upgraded the downtown area, bringing in and revamping the restaurants, shops and the overall feel of the center of town. The addition of a large common area with a stage brings the community together as many young musicians and choir groups from the local schools preform along with other live music acts.
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