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You can't beat living in the outskirts or Harrisburg, PA! With multiple main stay family restaurants and bars such as Arooga's and Ted's, West Hanover is the perfect spot to grab a drink with friends in a friendly atmosphere. All this while only being a 10 minute drive from downtown Harrisburg where there is minor league soccer, baseball, and great night life!
I have lived in West Hanover all of my life. Great place to grow up. I remember when I was younger the township would hold cooking classes and I loved going every week to them. Rarely any violence. Central Dauphin High School was 2 minutes from my house which is easily the best high school to attend in the district. The township is very clean and is on top of plowing and salting the roads during inclement weather.
We have Hershey Park which is a great attraction during the summer and a popular tourist destination. The Caponna that is help downtown Harrisburg over the Labor Day weekend, is a popular outdoor festival that marks the end of the summer. We also have the Giant Center which is home to the Hershey Bears hockey team. This venue also hosts big concerts and sports playoffs. We also are lucky enough to have the minor league baseball and soccer teams - the Senators and Harrisburg Heat. both have their home fields on City Island which have many supporters and provide for great family outings.
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I have lived here all of my 18 years. I really have not had the opportunity to experience anywhere else to live except for the short vacation. I am excited to see what else is out there and if I would enjoy anywhere else better.
Weather here is pretty mild. There is the occasional flooding when the ice melts on the river and the rain adds to the water levels in the lower areas. We are lucky to enjoy four different seasons. Winter often has a lot of ice without a lot of snow. The ice can cause difficulties with driving and school closings but allows for fun times for kids that can be seen sliding down hills on their bottoms.
I am not old enough to get involved in the nightlife yet, but I do enjoy eating out at a good restaurant. There are not very many in this area. We do have all the typical food chains, but I have yet to find a quality dining experience with great food.
There is a wide variety of middle class job opportunities and there are three large hospitals within a 15 mile area that employee many people in the health, research and education fields. I live only about ten miles from the state capital which employees many political and business oriented people. Jobs are varied but there doesn't seem to be a lot of open positions. As I am heading to college, I really haven't spent much time looking for a permanent job. And in my field that I am pursueing, I think that I will have to go elsewhere to find a position
I am very lucky to live in a rural area with easy access to a majority of popular store chains and some specialty shops. Within five miles is a well-known outlet change containing 20 plus stores. Within five miles in the other direction is a mall, outdoor specialty store, sports store and a variety of retail stores. I have never found a need to travel outside this area to get the items that I need.
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