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West Goshen Township Reviews

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not lot of crime in west chester.
Close to town with plenty of places to eat and entertain, just a short drive to any new jersey or Delaware beaches.
There's not much crime. I feel safe.
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Chester County is has annual events that are fun, but living here is expensive. Good education system and health care for you and your pets. Cheap and Good Vet, too!
I have never been in a situation where I have felt unsafe. I often see police cars patrolling areas and keeping places safe and under control.
Growing up here was a great opportunity, I was able to attend great schools and had plenty of things to do on the weekends or in the summer with my family. I generally get safe and comfortable.
Crime and safety are well prevented.
Living in this area is great.
I live in a safe area, you don't have to worry about walking around town at night. People are friendly and helpful.
I've lived here most of my life and it's a great area to live in. It doesn't have a lot of crime, the schools are good, and it's a nice place to raise a family.
In my immediate area, it's great but within the surrounding area, there are random issues.
Great area to live in and raise a family. Conveniences nearby.
There are a lot of different available housing in the area.
Love this area. The people are great. A lot to do. Wonderful restaurants. Great schools.
Police are very visible. Crime is very low.
I have no desire to live anywhere else. West Chester, Chester County, provides all the amenities to live.
West Chester is a great area.
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Nice middle to upper middle class area. Good schools, good neighborhood, good restaurants.
My parents chose to move her and I grew up going to Catholic school in the area.
The West Chester area is an interesting yet safe place to live. I have met great people and families in my area. There are many things to do in the borough and surrounding areas.
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