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Glendive is a quaint little town. I just wish it had more to offer education wise such as a medical program/school and more night life for the adults. We also need more affordable housing/rent. The rent here is ridiculous. It used to be about 500-600 dollars a month for the town houses,now they are 700-800 dollars a month. Even 1 bedroom houses for rent are at $900 a month.
One of the big attractions for tourist is definitely Makoshika State Park. There are always people there camping. Also, paddle fishing is very popular in this area.
Most people drive everywhere. Yes, you can walk or ride your bike, but there are not bike lanes. You just have to stay on the outer part of the white line or take back streets if possible, or go with the flow of traffic. There is one bus stop, but I have never used it. There is no subway or train to ride on and there are no taxis.
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Weather here is bipolar to say the least. During the spring and fall months, it can be really nice one day and snowing the next and then really nice the day after that. Winter months get kind of cold and summer months are kind of hot, but you kind of expect that anywhere.
There are not many options for fast food. We have subway, two pizza places, two Chinese places, and Frostys. Frostys is the best and the most common sold food here is a hamburger. For restraunts, we have quite a few. CC's is very good and they always seem to be busy. YRI is decent, but it is a lot better after ten p.m., Madhatters is not the best in my opinion, but a lot of other people seem to like it. There are quite a few bars and if you drive down Main Street on a weekend, the bars are pretty crowded.
The overall job outlook for the area is good. If you need a job you can definitely find one without a problem. The top employers are definitely oil rigs right now where I'm located and of course other companies like fast food, grocery stores, Kmart, fritz lay, banks, and ect. Most people work for the city, banks or on an oil rig it seems like. You can't really say what most people do for a living because it is different for everyone.
The local businesses in glendive are truly great! They are all run and set up very well and they all love to take part in our community which is very nice.
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