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West Fargo has been a great place to grow! I have had a chance to do everything I have wanted in y time in school.
It is a nice family safe town where your kids can bike to school, play outside and you don't have to worry about them. The schools are excellent and the neighborhoods are beautiful! A very friendly get to know your neighbor feel about it. Fargo is connected to it and has plenty of opportunities to see concerts, plays, movies, sports, arts ...enough and a nice variety of family events you can attend. Job market is very good as is the cost of living.
I love the school systems as well as the people. We have a little bit of everything within a short distance. Our airport is an international one, yet the town feels like a small town. We have access to great shopping, great restaurants. Local sports and lots of entertainment. Minneapolis is not too far away if we want to hit up a broadway type show or more entertainment. Our population is very diverse with having several different refugee communities as well as get togethers to meet with them and learn about their different cultures.
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I have lived in West Fargo for 3 years now and I like that even though it is connected to Fargo and Fargo + West Fargo is quite bigger then any town I have lived in, it still has a medium sized town feel to it.
I have lived here for 40 years and wouldn't move away has the friendliest people you will ever find.
West Fargo city is the most divested city in North Dakota. The community is friendly and out going. The public schools here are excellent, the students are absolutely safe and well taken care of by the school staff. We have a lot of community gathering in the winter times and summer. For example we have New Neighbor Nights which celebrates different cultures of people within the city. In the winter months we go to churches every Wednesday and we have gathering of families.
What I like about West Fargo is the friendly atmosphere. The students, teachers, and several workers that work different careers. I also like that we have lots of things to do. There is one mall, but it is fairly big with several restaurants, salons and stores inside it. We also have several and a variety of different restaurants outside of the mall ranging from Indian, Mexican, American and Italian. We have multiple movie theaters, bowling allies and we have a sky zone. What I'd like to change is the amount of construction we have during the summers. It always takes so long to complete, and sometimes over the due date.
West Fargo is a medium sized town in North Dakota. Our town has a lot of history, especially at Bonanzaville. There is a meseum that looks like an old western town and even has some real artifacts from the early 1900's. The fair grounds are also located near the edge of town and there are a lot of concerts hosted there, I can almost always hear them from my house. West Fargo has been a great town to grow up in.
Very friendly and welcoming town that's constantly growing and changing. It's very safe for families and has good schools, especially Sheyenne High School. The only other downside besides lack of nightlife is the outageous prices for a decent house but other than that it's a good town with lots of good job opportunities.
I moved here in 6th grade and I was not excited but then I met some amazing friends and now in the 12th grade we are inseparable. We always have each others back and are always out having fun. We have a diverse population also in West Fargo.
I love West Fargo, bought my first house here. Great neighborhood, close to middle of town. I don't think I'd need to change anything!
West Fargo offers great schools systems, beautiful parks and close to Fargo and Moorhead. I have lived in West Fargo for 10 years and would recommend it to everyone. The city is booming!
West Fargo is a city within a city (City of Fargo) and the atmosphere is friendly. The scenery is captivating if you like the city life. There are so many fun things to do in this neighboring city of Fargo. Restaurants are the highlight of the comradery that the people share in West Fargo. There is always something family oriented to do in the summer and the winter. For single people: there are many activities that are opportunistic to find someone to spend your time with as well. The community oriented police keep the neighborhoods safe and are very involved in the community, especially with children and teens. Military vets and enrolled vets are very much respected in the area; everywhere you look there is an American Flag displayed proudly in the yards of this dynamic and growing community. Diversity is something that is embraced in West Fargo, and also growing fast.
I've lived in West Fargo for almost 4 years. Since moving here, having lived in towns of roughly 12,000 to 15,000 people, I've grown more accustomed to a growing city, with the metro area having about 250,000. West Fargo has the feel of a smaller city, having smaller schools and more locally owned businesses. The neighborhoods are consistent with the age or economic group, making it easier to have relationships with most of your neighbors. The safety is better than most other areas in the greater area.
I really like west fargo. It is a bit smelly if the winds are blowing south or east due to the large landfill and the huge slough. I wouldn't recommend buying a home here. This is mainly because the homes are severely overpriced and made out of particle board. Property taxes on a 350K home are about $500 a month so renting is the way to go. NDSU is a good university well worth it. Night life in downtown fargo is enjoyable. Broadway is the way.
West Fargo is a great community. The people are Midwest Nice making getting to know people easy. West Fargo is a very fast growing community which provides many jobs, beautiful new schools, new homes, and new amenities. There are a ton of great opportunities for hobbies of all kinds from archery to sand volleyball, cooking, and photography clubs. Students are provided with a great opportunity to learn with the new schools, amazing award winning teachers, and many, many different kinds of extracurricular activities. The one thing I wasn't a huge fan of was all the construction. With the community growing as fast as it is, and even with all the beautiful new things that come from it, the process of growing and developing can, at times, be not so appealing. Construction of roads makes navigating difficult at times, and the constant building of new neighborhoods leaves rows of identical homes with little to no established landscapes, like beautiful old trees.
I appreciate the city of West Fargo because of its safeness for children. I loved growing up here, however it's rapidly increasing population is almost out of control. The education available in West Fargo is splendid, but the classrooms are over crowded.
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West Fargo is a great location for families or parents with children. There are parks and walking paths in numerous locations. The schools have a great reputation for the area. The cost of living is less than in the downtown area. The only downside is if you are interested in a "nightlife", it is not as abundant here. There are good restaurant options as well.
This is a pretty safe place to live
It's a great place to live.
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