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West Chicago is a very diverse community with a large variety of housing types. Living here my entire life has been great and the schools are perfect. There are two private high schools nearby. There is also one public high school which has excellent staff known nationwide for their excellence in teaching. It is a very peaceful town without any dangers to families. There are lots of activities in the park district with a recently built rec center facility.
West Chicago is great! The diversity really helped me understand others and be a better person; less inclusive towns can be condescending towards our city, but its actually great.
I live there and work there but I go to school in a neighboring town. I think the town is nice, but the town needs to help the majority of the population that are not wealthy.
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Love the diversity and small town feel. Housing is very affordable. Close to the city and quaint suburbs. The grade schools are bilingual, which is a plus for someone who like their child to be immersed in Spanish.
West Chicago is a poor town and their downtown area is very small. There was a killing recently and four people were incarcerated due to the incident with no bond. But I will say if you want tacos this is the area to go to
Small but nice, not much “fun” around but neighboring places around are fun to explore. Housing on the expensive side, but things are well kept.
The parks are great and very clean. The water park, Turtle splash is great for the little ones and is at an affordable prize. Also, Educare of west dupage is a wonderful early education school.
West Chicago is a suburban neighborhood with a diverse racial and cultural population. It is a safe neighborhood with good public schools, library, parks and recreational centers beneficial for the thriving communities.
West Chicago is a good small town in the suberb. It is very Diverse and safe but the only problem is that the downtown is lacking. No much to do in West Chicago can be very boring at time as their is not many fun and exiting things to do during the after and evening. Overall the town is average.
West Chicago has the potential to be a very cute town with a booming downtown area, but unfortunately, it can't seem to get itself together. Recently there has been improvement within the community with more small businesses opening and better local hangouts but there is still lots to be fixed.
I am a 23 year old young woman and a life time resident of West Chicago. I am 5th generation to live in West Chicago and it is a very family oriented town. I had an excellent experience with my schooling and have made many life long friends in West Chicago.
I've been a resident of West Chicago nearly my whole life. It is a diverse community and home to many great people.
I wouldn't recommend moving to this crappy , overtaxed, city. I had guests over for the thanksgiving holiday and was sent a 50$ ticket in the mail because the car was a couple feet over the driveway on the grass. I could go on and on about this crappy place and government.
Its a very calm area and its really nice. The only thing bad about it is the commute to downtown. I would recommend it to anyone that doesnt have work in downtown to avoid the long commute.
I like that West Chicago is it's own little town. It's so close to other cities that are very helpful and easily accessible.
West Chicago is a quiet but dynamic suburb that offers various forms of family friendly entertainment with one of the best being the town swimming pool, Turtle Splash. The people are friendly and West Chicago is a perfect place to raise a family.
What a fast pace fun city! It's a city that is on the edge.
Keeping up with new ways ideas and fashion.
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I went to high school in West Chicago. The teachers were great, the school was nice. The area has high crime rates though. The down town is not very pretty.
A nice, small, comforting town. Lots of things to do, including the towns activity center, reed keppler park.
i like the affortablity and mexican food stores as well as the restaurant
its a nice little area very diverse
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