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Low Crime. Nice to be between Cincinnati and Dayton. West Chester also brings in a family very well. A nice place to start a family in the Cincinnati area.
very clean enviroment. not alot of criminal activity. there arnt any side walk though which makes it harder for the residents to walk from place to place.
West Chester was voted one of the best places in the country to live. It is a very safe, affordable, and busting suburb. There are so many beautiful trails and bodies of water in West Chester.
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Safe suburban area to raise a family in. Great school district. Plenty of activities to do with family, moderate nightlife. Lot of restaurants to choose from. Only twenty five minutes from downtown. Uber and Lyft available whenever.
West Chester is a great place to live. It is close to restaurants, shopping, and activities without the noises of loud cities and lots of space.
West chester township... how does one sum it up? For starters, I’ve lived here most of my life, yet everyday I feel like I meet someone new. The neighborhoods are safe, clean, and close knit. The roads are adequately maintained, and many intersections have been replaced with beautiful round- abouts. There has been many new additions the past few years, including a new Kroger marketplace, a one million sq foot business center, and quite a few neighborhoods.
West Chester is an amazing town near the big city of Cincinnati. It's close to many other small cities and has an unlimited amount of activities around ranging from mini golf to Kings Island. There's always something to be found here or there. The city is also very safe.
I have been residing in west Chester for past 21 years I have seen it grow from small suburban area in Cincinnati tina while community
It's schools are really good and 98% student graduate the school district is big and good thing is we have elementary to middle school with in few miles so there is not one big elementary school
Job opportunities are good since it's growing area
I love it here. Great people, opportunites, food, scenery.. you name it. Would not want to live anywhere else. The high schools are great, especially the sports competition.. some of the best in the state.
West Chester a suburb of Cincinnati. It has a very good public school District. Pupil who go to the public schools end up with a good grades into good colleges. There is safety in nightlife. People can run around as late 2 am and still stay safe. There are a lot of shops and places of interests. West Chester has grocery stores at vantage points which makes it very convenient. It also has community centres and library. People in who live in West Chester are really nice to live with. It's a place I will like to spend the rest of my life
After living here all of my life, I have gotten well acquainted with the West Chester area. From close and convenient stores to cheap food places, I am very happy with where I currently live. With that being said, a nice change that could be implemented is having less construction in multiple close-by locations
I have lived in West Chester for more than 5 years and I have loved the experience. it is a very diverse town filled with people of all religions and ethnicity. The town is very safe and family friendly I've never had any situations where I have felt insecure or in danger.
Amazing place to grow up. Small town but close to the city. which makes it great for those who want to live in a safe small town but also want the night life of a city. great place to raise a family.
I have lived in West Chester for 15 years. It is a fast growing area that is very family friendly. Plenty of things to do in the community. A great place to live and raise a family.
Overall, great experience. The schools in this area are huge-- about 600-700 graduating class. Very safe area, which makes it family friendly.
West Chester is expanding more and more! I love how many shops, libraries, schools, and retail businesses it has. The neighborhoods are usually very safe and most of the neighbors are very nice and polite. It is mostly inhabited by the upper middle class, so there are a lot of fun places to go to like bars, restaurants, golf parks, and so on. They public schools have good reputations and most of the HS students go to college afterwards.
Great place to live and work. A lot of great places to eat, shop, and visit. An awesomely diverse area with all manners of religions and backgrounds.
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West Chester Township is a great place to live and raise a family. They have one of the best public school systems in the state of Ohio. It's centrally located and easy to get to both the East and West side of Cincinnati. There are so many restaurants, places to shop, such as IKEA, and things to do, such as Top Golf. West Chester also has wonderful parks and activities that are fun for the whole family.
West Chester is a very family oriented town with plenty of activities to do with family and friends. For example, they just built Liberty Center, which is an outdoor shopping mall with restaurants and a movie theater. West Chester is also just 20 minutes away from King's Island. One of my favorite things about West Chester is how safe I feel when I am there. Crime is not an issue and everybody is very friendly.
I love West Chester Township because of it's modern look and closeness to others. it has that rural look with the downtown of Cincinnati being more of your suburban city look. I enjoy living in West Chester and knowing a lot of people living around me from school or different clubs that I'm involved with.
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