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West Chester is a great college town. You can walk forever. There are tons of great restaurants (for every budget) and fun shops. There are beautiful parks, and there are often outdoor festivals. There are nearby biking and walking trails, theaters, outlets and malls, and attractions. It's a great place to live and visit!
The town and nightlife of West Chester are amazing. The food is so delicious and there is edible cookie dough. It is a college town but the students and locals are able to mix well. The area is safe and it is like being in the city without some of the worries that come along with the city. It's a nice place to enjoy with family or with friends. There is also a place for everyone whether its to shop or eat at. The food trucks are also delish and cater to the college students.
The town is so very cute! There are so many great restaurants and they are all diverse! People around here are so nice. Small town mentality in a large town.
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West Chester is a fun little college town with so much to see and do. There are many parks in the surrounding areas, tons of great food, bars, and a hopping nightlife due to the campus proximity! There are so many small businesses and shops to support as well!
My family and I moved to West Chester in fifth grade. When we first moved here there weren't many ethnically diverse people. In middle school I decided to wear a hijab, a head scarf for Muslims. I was the only girl wearing a hijab in my school and my neighborhood. My parents were terrified of me being bullied, of harassed. I however have never been bullied. The kids never judges my on my choice of wearing a hijab, instead they asked my about it. The respected me, my religion, and culture. Later as the years went passed through high school most of the kids explained my reasoning and decisions to outsiders for me. I would never choose a different neighborhood and environment to grow up in.
Beautiful colonial style town with lots of history. Also diverse area, very clean and great shopping down town, close to major mall, MLB and NFL football games, and concerts.
West Chester is a cute town with a bunch of restaurants and small activities. It is great for college students or for families.
This is a very beautiful and interactive place to live. There are so many wonderful restaurants and stores to go to. The town as many different activities and events that bring the community together.
West Chester is a booming town that has seen steady growth in and around it. The housing market has risen quite a bit in the surrounding areas of West Chester. With just a 30 minute or less drive, a West Chester resident could find themselves at Longwood Gardens, QVC Studio Park, the Exton Mall, the King of Prussia Mall, the Elmwood Park Zoo, Chester County Hospital, and numerous restaurants, gyms, parks, and schools. Plus, Philadelphia is just a short 45 minute drive, depending on traffic. New Jersey and Delaware shores and New York city is easily accessible with a two and half hour car ride. This is a town with a mix of families, young professionals, and seniors. Politically, there are groups of all sides of the spectrum. Because of this, people are welcome to express their beliefs without fear of marginalization. This was a perfect place to be born and raised. The location and culture of this town gave me great opportunity to have a flourishing life.
Small town, quiet, peaceful. It’s a nice place to blend in and not have to worry about anything bad happening. I’m really enjoying the area and what it has to offer.
Very friendly and active, people are constantly out and about. The town is beautiful and always full of people.
I’ve been living in Downtown West Chester, Pennsylvania for a few years and I love the environment here. There’s a great family atmosphere with lots restaurants and festivals that come to town along with an entertaining college atmosphere for young adults.
I have lived in West Chester my whole life and have never once had a problem living here or have wanted to move.
It has a quaint downtown area and is a small suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. I grew up in this town and received a great public school education.
I initially had concerns about going to college in West Chester simply because I had never been away Lancaster for so long. Most of them were fortunately unfounded. I have never felt unsafe in the suburbs as the local nightlife (it is a college town after all) is usually up at all hours of the morning.
The local businesses appeal to all types. There are upscale taverns and clubs along with small cafes and delis. Employment in public services and customer services is almost always available, though I am unsure about higher paying jobs and positions.
Unfortunately, a lot of things tend to be pricey. Housing can easily climb in the several hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the abundance of students means rent isn't cheap either.
I like a lot about west chester. The schools the university, the sports, the commute time everything. Most people I know do not travel more than 30 minutes to work. The School are great as I went to one public school and it was amazing.
I love West Chester! It is a very clean, charming town. Downtown West Chester is historic, which is both a good and a bad thing. The cobblestone looks great, but can trip you up at times depending on whether you are paying attention to where you're walking!
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Nice town. Lots of college life. Seems to be a faiky safe area unless you are by the unuversity. Houses are expensive.
West Chester provided more than I could have ever hoped for. My six years of living here have provided a lasting education. The West Chester University is a top-notch state university with excellent, caring professors. The town is just a short walk away from the University, and is full of small businesses that have remained staples of the community. In between the University and downtown, historic homes line the streets. The community is close, tight knit, and close to natural areas and numerous metropolitan centers. West Chester is a city I will always treasure and remember.
West Chester is an awesome town to grow up in for any age. There are a variety of things to do each day and never get bored. Whether it is walking your dog throughout the town or grabbing food at the many different options.
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