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Back in the 1970s, this town was booming. It now is losing its appeal. Many businesses have left the town.
I love the parks in the area. I also love the customer service at the city offices. This has been a good place to live.
Very quiet, close to shopping and clean area. Mostly friendly people. Plenty of kid friendly activities like the movie theater and mall. Nice restaurants, and on the bus line.
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It's a nice quiet area, few things to do. A big little town if you will. Most people keep to themselves.
I like West Carrollton because it's quite and a great place for my family to live. It is right down the street from the Dayton mall which is definitely a plus.
The city of West carrollton has very low crime rate. The schools right now have open enrollment which does cause a little problems with people not living in the community and just going to school here. They do not take pride in the city as the only thing they do is go to school here. I would like to see the community come together more as a whole. If everyone would come together more levies would pass and as a whole the schools would become better. Friday nights used to be football Friday and everyone in the city would go to the games, but now since people don't actually live here, they don't have that kind of pride. Overall this is a nice little community for all.
West Carrollton is a quite and safe town. When some think about the Dayton area they probably think that it is a busy and crime riddled area, but West Carrollton doesn't have that feel. There is a lot to do around the area and also within decent time travel to many other activities. I do think that the houses are way too close to each other, that there is barely any yard space between each house which limits what could do at your own house, or that you hear much of what your neighbors are doing.
I feel very safe in my neighborhood. I don't notice unkept yards and properties.
I really enjoy being a homeowner in my current neighborhood.
The crime rate has gotten worse since 2000, but overall, it is lower than some towns.
Community events have become almost none. The area is clean, and the people are friendly though.
I would choose to live here all over again. The schools are good and the neighborhood is quiet.
There's a strong sense of community and care.
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