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This is a great area that is safe and comfortable for people to live in. If I could do it again I would still want to grow up here but move away as I got older. This is a great area to raise kids so I always felt safe as a child. This is a great vacation spot which brings in a lot of revenue for the area.
There are very few safety concerns in this area. Very little crime occurs in this immediate area, but several surrounding areas have some safety concerns, thus leading to the decreased rating.
Public services in this area complete their intended function, but do not exceed the call of duty. There has never been a sense of being abandoned by the public services in this area, but they do not ever truly exceed expectations.
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As a tourist town, year-round jobs are hard to come by. During the summer months, more jobs exist than people to take them. However, the winter months provide scarce working. Many workers from our tourist industries are left without work for the winter, and must rely upon the money made from the summer.
Weather is very rarely a serious issue in our area. Super storm Sandy did damage a significant amount of property, but not nearly as bad as other areas, and this was a very unusual storm. We have a good taste of all four seasons, spending summers on our beaches, while the winters do receive their fair share of cold and some snow. Snow tends to come in a few inches and melt before the next snow arrives. We are also given beautiful fall foliage and rebirth in the spring months. As we are surrounded on three sides by water, our winters tend to set in later and leave later in the spring than many areas.
This area has a huge variety of excellent restaurants. The Washington Inn is an excellent example of the high end dining available in our area. Conversely, many small restaurants, such as Gecko's and George's Place, provide great food at a more reasonable price. However, there is not a large nightlife. As I am underage, I feel that our excellent food has more than compensated for the lack of nightlife, but I understand that there are few bars and night life options.
The businesses in this area are quite diverse. We have a variety of small artist shops and vendors, as well as large stores to provide less expensive options. One can find reasonably priced grocery stores as well as high quality restaurants. Our hospitality industry is similar, containing everything from cheap rooms to high end hotels. As there are a total of three chain businesses on the island, a grocery store, convenience store, and a pharmacy, a wide variety of small locally owned shops have arisen.
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