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I am a returning resident. I moved to Bradenton with my mother at the age of 4. I grew up riding bikes with friends through town. Going to the beach by way of the city transit bus. There was alway something to do. Now as an adult I enjoy the beach with my children and the local Farmers Market held downtown on the weekends. It is sad though that times have changed so much from when i was child. You dont see too many kids out riding bikes like you use to. Overall the growth of Bradenton has been vast. Its seems like for as small a town as Bradenton is it has grown my leaps and bounds and continues to . With every snowbird as we call them that comes to visit with family the more choose to stay and move here. Great for our economy bad for our roads.
WE to add things for the children to d o downtown. They need activity center and the transportation need to be on time. they turn over drives like a swing door. They need to bring more companies in for job. the work program are overwhelmed and need more help to get people jobs and need more affordable housing to get people off the street.
I love the down town and the Bradenton River. Also, Manatee Memorial is in Bradenton, and it is a great Cardiovascular Hospital. Also, Blake Medical
Center is large, convenient and professional. I would like to improve down town life, especially with it being on the water.
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The area is beautiful and grocery stores are close and accessible. The mall isn't too far away either. My favorite thing is the sidewalks and seeing people out in the early morning exercising. Also, the housing out here is beautiful. And, of course, who can hate Florida weather? This is truly a wonderful place to be.
Bradenton is a very good city to live. From a small town, to now a developing city there is room for growth, and improvements.
I love the beach! You have to travel a bit and love to be outdoorsy to have fun here. It is not a big city and there are many elderly, it is definitely a retirement city. It's nice that it's close to Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota.
This area is beautiful. The community is friendly, crime is low, and there're many schools within the area.
Lovely street with nice homes, beautiful view of the river. Sense of privacy. However, no sidewalks, hard on those who walk, run or ride bikes.
It can sometimes rain a lot in the summer.
There are so many places to eat around here, you can find just about anything you want.
There are many businesses nearby that I am sure people will be able to find employment at.
I am surrounded by numerous places to eat and five minutes away from the beach.
I have not had to deal with public services recently so I cannot say a lot on the matter.
You can get just about anything in this area and the local grocery is very nice has friendly people and is always clean.
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