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West Bloomfield Charter Township Reviews

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I lived in West Bloomfield for 22 years and have always been very satisfied with everything that encompasses it. There are an unbelievable amount of activities to do there including outdoor activities such as bike paths and lakes, as well as many businesses to entertain the citizens. The only negative aspect, similar to many Michigan cities is the inconsistency in road work.
A great environment to have a family in. The area is feels very safe with cops around and people are always outside, walking and enjoying the weather. It is a very quiet area and peaceful.
Great place to raise a family, resident for over 15 years. West Bloomfield has healthy eating conveniently located. Many strip malls nearby, shopping centers, restaurants etc. most businesses close by 9/10 only a few places open after hours. Nw hwy will take you to any freeway you need to get to.
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Lots of parks and outdoor activities, great library, generally safe neighborhood. Pretty affordable for a first-time home buyer, but not a ton of rentals. Lots of lakes to enjoy the summer on!
It is a nice town, but a lot of people are a bit stuck up and rude. Working in the town can be annoying.
Amazing parks. Very close to other towns such as Farmington and Novi. Orchard Lake road has a plethora of restaurants, service stores, and other shopping options.
West Bloomfield in an excellent area. I highly recommend this place to anyone, as it has great schools, stores, and a diverse community.
I love the schools and safety in West Bloomfield, but there are not a lot of community activities and fun things to do in the area.
I love living in West Bloomfield. The neighbors are almost all kind, there are many inexpensive grocery stores and restaurants nearby, and the houses are beautiful. However, West Bloomfield is very far away from many good colleges, the drivers in the area are crazy sometimes, and the highschools within 5 miles are not that great.
I love how safe and family friendly it is here, there's lots of shopping and things to do. one thing I don't like is how much construction there is, and how long it takes.
West Bloomfiled, MI is a very nice area to live in. There are many places nearby to shop, eat and enjoy the outdoors.
West Bloomfield is one of the most beautiful locations in that metro Detroit has to offer. With vast land, and numerous lakes; it feels like you are on vacation all the time. The neighborhood and parks are well kept, and everyone seems to be kind with friendly smiles. There are so many activities for every day and night of the week for all ages. It is a safe - family friendly neighborhood welcoming for all!
I enjoy living in West Bloomfield because it truly feels like "home". The city is large enough to offer all public resources such as police, fire, education and hospitals. It also has so many parks all over which makes it easier to enjoy being outdoors. Currently they are fixing roads which has been getting to places on time difficult.
Nice peaceful and quiet area. Located in a central place. Not too far from anything. Lakes are accessible easily. People are friendly. Home are beautiful and very spacious.
I love the area. There are a variety of stores and restaurants. Freeways are close. The only problem is the constant construction and traffic. It is hard to leave the house between 4-7.
West Bloomfield is a lovely place to settle down and own a house but there is not much of night lifestyle. Yes there are restaurants around and places to go out but it is for older generation
West Bloomfield is a very safe, clean and fun place to raise a family. I have gone to school and lived in the area for many years, and would request this area to anyone. I love that I can represent such an awesome area.
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Safe, nice place to live. Many good schools but there are a number of different school districts represented in the township and some are better than others
West Bloomfield is a good area to raise a family and I use to live there many years ago. West Bloomfield has came along way and there building more within the community. I enjoy visiting the library and the bike trail.
I was born and raised in West Bloomfield, MI. Overall I feel that I grew up in a healthy environment and community. West Bloomfield like most white, rich suburban neighborhoods can create a bubble and if you (like me) do not look, act or wear the same clothes can feel outcasted at times.
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