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Very quite and country. The town of West Bend is located near the beautiful Big Cedar Lake. If you like the quietness of the country, but don't want to be far from a city then this is the place for you.
Small town feel. Cozy atmosphere. I come from Illinois and it was a drastic shift. But it is a very nice area, where people are polite and aware of others. Very clean and safe neighborhood.
From a family perspective, West Bend is a great place to raise young children. It is your average small town that offers an abundance of daycares, after school programs and schooling options for families. As children grow into teenagers, however, there is less and less to do. Any form of activity is usually drawn out of the town into surrounding cities. The public high school is advertised as a nationally ranked school but the community within and the "support" from teacher, principals and counselors is non existent. Administrators repeatedly have been fired for taking money from the district, leaving the school with bursting pipes every week and lack of basic textbooks. The town is small so it has a rather homey feel for young families or older, retired persons. All around, it depends of the demographic of the person living there.
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West Bend is small for a city. There are many places to dine out, though it is a majority of fast food and pizza, and very few places to shop. The roads could use some work, and there could be more spaces for trees and natural decoration.
West Bend is a lovely community, close enough to Milwaukee for those who like the city, but also surrounded by rural farmland and beautiful countryside. It's a very nice town, but for me, it is not as racially diverse or interesting as I would prefer in a place to live. Still, a great place to work or raise a family!
Small town atmosphere but still has all you need to avoid traveling to the bigger city. This town feels safe but still offers many community and family attractions such as art museums, small locally owned shops, and many community events like local music and festivals.
I like the safety of the city. The cost of living is lower than a lot of other places. However, the people tend to act a little more privileged than they should as an example is the poor customer service that is received in the local establishments which is why so many come/go in the city
I have to say growing up in west bend a long time it was not the best. The schools were good where i attended. The middle school and high school was very good. Safety was a concern as the distance from milwaukee is close. At night was the most troublesome for being safe. There are very mean guys in the city that bully me at work and in the community. Reason why i didnt want to work at a bad restaurant like perkins and bad management. Police department in west bend was really awful and didnt do their job of protecting the city. Mainly officers did a bad job at helping people and made things worse for safety. I dad was the reason i lived in west bend way too long. And cause of my dad i didnt like that he wouldnt let me move away until four year college at age 20.
Welcoming city offering small town feel with big town resources and activities such as shopping. Downtown offers much charm with small local shopping and delicious restaurants. Many outdoor park options and trails for recreation.
West Bend, WI offers a great sense of well being. I grew up here and love this town the people are friendly and look out for one another. West Bend has been known to have a drug issue in the recent years but in all honesty what city doesn't. This community has come together more than once to help battle this epidemic and try to strive for a better outcome. I love this town and am glad to call it home.
West Bend is a very friendly community. There are a lot of locally-owned shops in the downtown area, a lovely famer's market and "Music on Main" every Thursday during the summer. There is also "Wheels on Main' which is a automotive show, in addition to Fall Fest, various church festivals and carnivals at Regner Park, which is the local swimming hole with a splash pad and other activities.

West Bend is a very safe community with a very visible police presence. The citizens are very friendly and down-to-earth. Just an over-all pleasant community.
I have lived in West Bend for 6 years and have been visting for over 15 years. It is an up and coming city, wanting to expand and provide for its citizens.
West Bend is a great city to live in! It offers its residents the convenience of a larger city, but still retains the small town feel. With many parks and places to visit West Bend offers many opportunities to stay involved in the community.
I enjoy shopping in west bend, and eating in their restaurants. West Bend needs an Olive Garden restaurant.
Small town with a lot of community activities. My personal favorite is the farmers market, music on main, and germanfest
West Bend is a quaint town full of friendly faces, cute shops, and a sense of altruism that penetrates the very walls of the city. You'll never get lost, unless it's getting lost in the beauty of the nature that surround the city, including local parks, rivers, and a short drive to Lake Michigan. No one can ever leave West Bend without missing it for it's multitude of wonderful feature.
West Bend is a small town with lots of stores on the main street. The downtown area have smaller and personal shops.
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I like West Bend. It's a friendly community. Its safe for children and there is a lot of employment. I would like to see more indoor activities for children.
I love West Bend and will continue to live here probably for awhile. It is a family friendly area and a beautiful place to live.
Very safe place all around. Little crime and very minor as well. No unkept houses or yards very average to above average places!
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