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I'm not really concerned with the crime and safety, but every now and then when something happens, I wish police would show just a little faster.
I personally love this area, because it's the first time I really felt safe. I would love to stay here forever if I could but, change is also good. Even though I love this area, I do want to see other cities and countries.
you rarely see the police
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Crime has just recently began to increase- and very close to my home. When something does happen it take the police a minute to respond which is concerning considering that lives have been taken on this street over the past 2 years. Graffiti and vandalism with gangs thinking they have territory is also a huge issue.
There are occasional disturbances of the peace but overall the are is safe but overall this a good part of Gardena to live in.
You do not see the police much. When a shooting or car accident happens they will come.
I would prefer to live in a more suitable environment. I would be much better in an quiet neighborhood. Also a neighborhood that will allow me to be outside.
It's not the worst place, but it's pretty boring.
sometimes there is a long wait
beautiful and sunny most of the time
could use more and a larger variety
there has been new developments in the area and more maybe added soon
there are several of shopping areas with a variety of shops

restaurants are a little limited
Police takes hours to show up when called. Medics asks all types of questions instead of taking care of the person in need. Police is no help.
There's not really any natural disasters, there may be an earthquake from time to time. Los Angeles weather is the best.
Most people work in fast food restaurants, or by an agency. Or most people are simply unemployed and living off of welfare.
The only thing they have near here is McDonalds, Jack in the Box, and El Pollo Loco.
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The local businesses are okay, however the area they are in make it bad. One is at risk of being robbed and therefore it makes it bad.
there is a lot of various stores around this area everything is at a close distance but not as close as to walking distance.
Crime rate is high even though it has decreases recently it is still a dangerous area the maintain of the area it very bad there is a lot of trash on the streets.
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