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Wentworth, NC is a small town within Reidsville, NC. Its more like a country side of town where people are very friendly.
Not many crimes happen here. Every once in a while something will happen. The police are fast to react, and are here when you need them.
I love living here because not many crimes happen in Eden. It is very peaceful, and quite. Also, sometimes it does get boring to live here, yet I would not trade in for anything in the world. I love how my house is on a private lane and only one neighbor up the road. I think the future of this area is very good. Like I said, this a great place to live.
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There are quite a few bank-owned properties in our community. For instance, the last 3 property sales on our road alone were as foreclosures or tax-lien sales. There is one vacant home on our road, and no one knows what is going on with it...

Taxes are reasonable, but public services lack in a big way!

I wouldn't actually urge anyone to move here, but I would say ours is a great community in quality of housing, and in affordability of homes.
People stay a decade or longer, which is pretty good considering we have few luxuries. We live on a private road, which our neighborhood is responsible for upkeeping. Those costs are a bit high at times. We have only one internet provider in the area, no choice on who we have our phone services with, and only satellite television service. taxes are very reasonable, but the community services all cost. For instance, we have no trash pickup or recycling. We have to take our garbage to dumps and pay for it.

The schools are uncrowded and are within 8 minutes of our homes. The buses only take 30 minutes to bring the children home. There are stores within 5 minutes, so that is good. There is a public library.

We have few employment opps here, though and Eden's Miller Brewery is soon closing, which loses 500+ jobs for our community. No public dances, or meetings, etc.

If you own an acre, you can have one free running pet. Everyone maintains their property, so we live in a beautiful area.
Not matter where you live, there will always be crime whether its serious crime or minor crime. When a serious crime occurs in a smaller town it is blown up to be bigger than it would be in a larger town where crime occurs more often.
Living in a small town means that there are not as many educational, financial, or just general opportunities as there would be if I lived in a larger city. Applying to colleges is harder for students coming from a small town with low socioeconomic status because we do not have the options to take more advanced classes such as those from larger areas with more funding for education. The competitiveness of applying for college is also shocking for some students because when you are in the top 20 in your class at a small school, there are many people who have much better grades from other schools. Last, going to college is also eye opening because there is a whole other world outside of your small town. You can no longer walk around and know everyone you see anymore.
Few neighborhood crimes. Deputies are vigilant.
I have convenience; room to roam. Great neighbors
Most businesses in this area are local mom and pop places such as the diners, the drive in movie theater, etc. We do have a few chain fast food places and a local gym, but nothing spectacular. If you like the laid back atmosphere and not the big city lights, then you are in the right place, otherwise, you will be bored all the time. For the most part, you can find around 85% of the things you need here due to WalMart being in the area, but I would not say everything.
Most of the jobs in the area are manufacturing jobs, those of which people have been at for numerous years. It is extremely hard for people to obtain a job here because joobs are being outsourced and plants are shutting down. Most of the jobs are being sent overseas, to other countries, or being burchased by other companies.
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