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It's a great, quiet place to live. It's family-oriented and very safe. It is a bit pricey, but it's worth it if this is your kind of town. :) The schools are nearby and very academically inclined. There are many parks and small businesses as well!
Wenham is a very nice area, if you don't mind an overall white experience. Good schools, good police, and good community feel. There are lots of cute little shops and cafes at the train station. I have not lived here long, but the time I have lived here I have felt very welcome and at home. I feel like this would be a great place to settle down with a family -- very, very safe environment. Unfortunately, not a very diverse area; so if you are looking for this, you might need to look elsewhere. Otherwise I have no complaints – good neighborhood!
I absolutely loved my experience in Wenham! It is a town very focused on community, and works very hard to support its members. It provides great athletic and arts opportunities through community theater and sports. It also has great public spaces, especially its public library. In addition to this, the houses are very nice, and everyone makes an effort to keep them so.
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Wenham, MA is conveniently located 20 miles North of Boston and only 3 miles from the ocean. There is plenty to do within a 30 mile radius of Wenham... from historic places to incredible night life!
Wenham is a cute suburb of Boston, located 3 miles from the North Atlantic Ocean. It is perfect for retired couples and those wanted peace within a tight knit community.
The houses are very pretty and most look pretty expensive.
The community definitely has a certain vibe to it.
It's very good. I never here of or seen any crimes happening in town.
It's a quiet, small town. Not much to do in the town itself but the location is very close to surrounding towns and attractions.
There isn't a lot in the Wenham area, but there are lots of options just a few minutes away in Salem and Gloucester.
Because we are close to Boston, the job opportunities are possible with a bit of a drive.
There are lots of small town shops in the Wenham area and it is good to support the small-town shops.
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