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Wendell is a small town that wants to stay a small town. Although the population is growing the retail market is not growing as fast. However, there is much to do within a short distance. Right down the street from the capital city, Raleigh, NC, there are parks, museums, lots of great restaurants, great places to shop.
It is a great place to work, live, play and raise a family. I have loved her for approximately 7 years now and I really enjoy the quite, friendly and family orinentied atmosphere.
I love the small town feeling there is in Wendell. I would like to see more parks around town (even if small) and more sidewalks.
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Wendell has a small town charm but yet it is growing with more people moving to the area that will bring more businesses and community opportunities.
While Wendell is not the closest to downtown it is only about a twenty to thirty minute to get to the city. Its the perfect city to raise a family in. Very quiet area, peaceful.
I love the small town feel in Wendell. Everybody knows each other but it is not a crowded town. Towns such as Clayton are overpopulated and cause congestion but Wendell is the perfect size.
Wendell is small and friendly but just too plain and boring at times . Good place to be if you like quiet.
I Love the Town of Wendell. is safe, quiet, and friendly. The local Drugstore is the pharmacy they take good care of my needs and watch out for any medicine that might hurt me. Food Lion, Dollar General, Family Dollar, Chinese, McDonald's, and Blvd are all warm and friendly
Wendell is a small town in NC. It is a very nice place for families, my entire family lives here and it is nice being so close to one another. Everyone here is very friendly. The only thing I would change is to add more places to eat and stuff to do.
Wendell is a small town with very with choices for food and entertainment. If you're looking for those things try surrounding towns of Knightdale and Zebulon for variety.
Wendell is a small town close to the capital city of North Carolina. It is bordered by others towns, which allow you to have everything you need not be too far away to be a inconvenience. Over the past few years Wendell has been expanding in terms of housing because of it being an excellent area to live in.
I enjoy the country living, the people here are one big family. They don't get allot of new people moving here and the crime rate is very low. I like that it is not that big. I wish there was more to do as far as activities. A wheel's or go carts just an example. Raleigh is the closes activities spot for the children.
Wendell is a small, but fast growing town. I have lived in Wendell for most of my life. I attended public education in Wake County, which is not the best public education, but much better than most of the neighboring county's. Wendell has a small down town area which is rinky-dink, but it is also building a new community area next door. Right now there are residential areas and a small cafe'. Wendell is a perfect spot because it is not loud and busy like bigger cities, but it is very close to Knightdale which has an abundance of shopping centers a jobs that Wendell doesn't quite have yet. North Carolina's capital city Raleigh is only 20-30 minutes from Wendell, which is a great advantage.
Fortunately for me, I have only had to call the police once when I got in a hit and run. It only took the cop about 15 minutes to get to me and considering it was rush hour I was satisfied with that arrival time. I always see them driving around which makes me feel safe because I know that they are around.
Living in Raleigh creates the opportunity to enjoy many different things. It is slow paced but you still have plenty of options if your a busy bee like myself. There are so many different types of restaurants and clubs to visit and it really comes alive at night. The people are always friendly and the air is always filled with the sound of nature.
The overall experience of this area is a very small town feel. Some new businesses are coming in which give me hope that this town will be able to thrive in this new day and age.
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