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Wells branch area is easy going. It’s a place to find decent to very nice apartments; you’ll find homes built in the 2000’s, and a few great outdoor areas to stretch your legs.
In general it is calm here.
Use wells branch area to get you get stared in building roots in Austin
Wells Branch is a relatively small but bustling neighborhood in far North Austin/Travis County that provides a variety of housing from single family homes to multi-family apartment communities, a large well-maintained park with beautifully landscaped walking trails and ponds, swimming pools, its own Municipal Utility District, restaurants and organized events. I've lived here for over eight years and have really enjoyed the time - it's become "home" for me. I enjoy the people, have raised a small family of pets and the neighbors have become good friends and I have gone through many moments of my life here in nearly a decade.
My favorite thing about Wells Branch is the accessibilty that comes with living on or near it. There are endless trails to run, walk or bike on. There are an ample amount of corner stores so you will never run out of gas. Also, the stores at WB and 35 have great gas prices. There are a hand full of late night spots if you need a drink after a long day.
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I have lived in this neighborhood since I was 9 years of age. I have seen this area growing into a nice community. The thing I love the most is the community togetherness that it has grown into. There is a community e-mail thread that keeps you updated with things going around in the neighborhood such as events, parties, or even if there is something to watch out for at night. When families outgrow items in the home, it first goes to that thread for recycling so to speak. It's nice to be able to walk outside and wave to the next neighbor without any negative feelings or vibes.
I love this area, its safe and there are so many things to do foe any age range not to mention being less then 30 mins from downtown Austin!!
The community is what you'd expect from Austin. It's far away from downtown and the campus which makes it more affordable. It's barely in Austin proper, nestled as it is right by Pflugerville. While there's a large homeless population the area is much safer than, for an easy example, Rundberg. It is a nice enough area that you'll be happy enough to spend time outside, walking and biking. And there's plenty around (stores, schools, libraries) to get by even though it's not really a cultural or artistic hub. Traffic, as you'd expect, is pretty lousy. It takes me 30 minutes to get to work even though I live less than 5 miles away. But that's Austin.
I have not had any issues yet , but I have walked passed a window of a car that was clearly broken into , and there was little to no justice served.
The overall experience is well maintained for all residents.
I currently love the area I live in. I'm located in North Austin. It's a nicer part of Austin, that is still close enough to downtown Austin for me to drive down there and visit friends without using an entire tank of gas.
I have heard of some cars getting broken into and our grill was stolen when we first go here but other then that i don't see any crime
I love the community feeling in this area and I feel safe walking around at night
Everything is pretty average, we have some good and some bad making things balanced.
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