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Stay away from this city. Lots of scammers and drug addicts as well as people who want something for nothing.
Friendly little town, but not a whole lot to do for fun. One movie theater, a swimming pool and a ton of parks. It does have a great 24 hour diner which are hard to come by in small towns.
Wellington is a very affordable place to live. The people are fairly pleasant, and it's pretty much just like any other small, Midwest town. There isn't much to do recreation wise.
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Wellington is a small town with a big city attitude. There is a lot of potential for growth. The public pool is a great attraction. As well as the golf course. The downtown area is well kept and convenient.
I was born and raised in this small town. I graduated from the same small school my entire family did. Everyone knows everyone. That being said, there isn't much to do in this town other than get in trouble. I left shortly after graduation, and haven't looked back.
I do not like this town. I can't wait to move. There isn't much to do here. There is a small selection of jobs here and it is hard to get a job.
Taxes are high here and going up even more. The people are great but we need a boost for the economyeconomy to get new people to move here.
Houses in the area are okay but the apartments nearby need some upkeep.
Our state governor has raised out taxes and took money away from the schools. I thought they wanted the children to be better than us?
The police here are not very good. It takes them a while to get where you are when you need them.
The houses here are nice when the people that live there or own them take care of it.
The only thing we can really do is fish. There isn't a whole lot of other outdoor activities that you can do here.
The weather here doesn't stay the same. One day it will be in the mid-80's, and the next it will be 55.
There are a couple restaurants here that are a sit down place, but they are very expensive. There is not a very good variety of different food places here.
It is so hard for anyone to find a job in this town. You might be able to get a temporary job, but that is about it.
This town is disintegrating every day. There is not a large variety of stores in this town. There have been quite a lot of people that have moved out in the last 2 years.
Safety is not an issue. You have to be smart but our community is safe and watches out for one another.
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Community is great. We feel safe and welcome. Community very pet and family friendly.
Winter storms can cause ice issues, spring storms bring tornadoes and summer is usually drought
There are not very many good options for night life. There are a couple of good restaurants but not a lot of choices.
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