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Small town living with lots of amenities nearby (within 25 miles in all directions) Norwalk, Ashland, Medina, Elyria/Lorain,North Olmstead.
A small town suffering from lack of investment by both public and private entities. There are attempts to have pride of place, but the pervasive attitude is one of close-mindedness and that the town and its citizens won't support anything that could be considered innovative. There are almost no opportunities for work in the immediate area. The downtown business area is a historic commercial district full of empty storefronts. The most prolific type of establishment is bars. Safety services are very good, considering the size of the service area. The school district in the town was once a source of pride but is now an embarrassment.
Wellington is a great town for families to live in. It is great for small businesses also. The school system is small but good. It is a very safe place to live and has a low cost of living. There are plenty of nice houses in town and outside of town. The developments in town are nice but it is also nice for some people to have a house outside of town with more land. The houses in the country are still very close to the town and other towns and cities. There are plenty of job opportunities in the town or in other towns nearby. It is also not far from bigger cities. It is about fifteen minutes from Elyria and less than an hour from Cleveland. It is nice to be close to these cities so they are accessible, without having to live in them.
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It is a small village in which everyone knows another or knows about them. I recommend this beautiful village to anyone that wants to learn more about history and how Wellington came to be.
I have lived in Wellington all my life. I love this town and the beautiful historical homes and building. It is growing more and more every day for the better. I do not think I will ever move from here.
The police are very active in the environment and make it known that they mean business and business only. They are fair in their decisions and keep the village safe at all times. At no time since I've lived in this village have I ever felt unsafe.
Wellington, Ohio is a small Village in the Northeast portion of Ohio in Lorain County. It is a agricultural based village consisting of farms surrounding the perimeters. Day to Day life is very quiet and consistent. Improvements are being made and have been made such as: a new middle school, a railroad underpass, and currently working on a new park in the center or town.
There isn't too much crime in Wellington (other than an occasional bar brawl) and it is pretty safe to maneuver at most times of the day.
Living in my town is great because of its size, but often not due to the lack of activities that would be accessible in larger areas.
Wellington is a scenic and historic small rural community. The countryside obviously has little to do, but that has its own draw. However, things become less enjoyable when more involved within the community.
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