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Wellesley is okay. Schools are great. It's not diverse at all. People have lived here for forever and they are not extremely welcome to newcomers. I'd say it's fine but if you can, move somewhere else.
I like living in wellesley. I’ve lived here my whole life so I don’t really know anything different, but it is a great place for families. The town sports are a great mix of competitive and a place for kids to make friends- some of my closest friends played soccer with me when we were in elementary school. The public schools are good as well.
Affluent and charming town. Very safe and walkable, awesome library, great public schools and decent commmuter connection to Boston. Nice small town Main Street w handful restaurants. Love Wellesley College which has lot of great walking areas, a cute greenhouse and even small observatory. The one downside is lack of nightlife; even on a summer night the town closes up by 9:30p
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Wellesley is a small suburb outside of Boston. The town is very safe and the public spaces are very well taken care of. In the town there is the main public school system and a few private schools. Colleges here include Wellesley College, Babson College, and MassBay Community College. Although the town itself is nice, it is very predominantly white and upper/middle class.
Wellesley is a nice town - safe, calm, many highly educated people. It lacks a vibrant nightlife and/or multicultural scene.
Wellesley is a beautiful suburb located just outside of Boston. In spite of being home to the incredible Wellesley college, it feels in no way like a college town. This is both a good and bad thing. It's a small town, the people seem friendly, it feels incredibly safe no matter the time of a day, and everything is readily accessible. In spite of being just short drive outside of Boston, it really has a nice small-town atmosphere. However, everything closes early and it's a very "dry" town. Things are expensive and options are very limited if restricted to things within the town.
I lived here for four years in college. Great Boston suburb! It's very expensive to live in this area but if you can swing it, you will have very high quality of life.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience in Wellesley. Wellesley is a safe and close-knit community that I believe offers endless opportunities. Wellesley has a great education system. Wellesley's location makes it easy to access Boston for even more resources.
Crimes rarely occur, In fact, on one radio station, the hosts read the Wellesley police log and make fun of it because no serious crimes happen. The police are very responsive and respond very quickly.
Wellesley as a whole is a wonderful town, however, the apartment I live in is very noisy, the people who live there are very inconsiderate. For example, they ran over my bike twice, and are very loud in the morning, But the location is right in the middle of town.
It's a wealthy suburban neighborhood great for owning a home and raising a family, but not much to do in terms of student life for those enrolled in colleges in the neighboring area. There could be more facilities available and better public transport.
The general area of Wellesley, MA is affluent. You see a lot of prosperous businesses all throughout town. Some people in this area come from a lot of money, while there are others who do not. There are busy parts near the town center; yet there are other quiet parts of Wellelsey including many parks and even an arboretum!
Pretty good, don't listen to the stereotypes. There are some people who are nice and some that aren't like in every other area.
There is almost no violent crime in this area
There are multiple million dollar houses in the area I live.
No concerns. Low Crime.
Love the place. Love that they have a deal with the first student to come in to the restaurant on 1/2 wednesdays
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This area is extremely wealthy and it shows easily. Homes have a lot of privacy, covered by large trees, hidden behind what I would call small patches of wood, and properties are well maintained. Prices are extremely high, but I have the fortune of going to school in the area on a grant.
In the Wellesley Center, there are dozens of places to eat. The food is of high quality and restaurants around here are great.
If you take a look at the police log in the Wellesley Townsman, the stories that are posted are always mocked and immitated. They might as well not even have a police log because crime rarely occurs around here.
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