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Welches Creek Township Reviews

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It's hot the majority of the year. Natural disasters almost never happen. The most essential items for a wardrobe of someone in this area are short sleeve shirts, jeans, and sandals/shoes.
This area is not very diverse and the people are hardworking and friendly.
There are no gyms or hospitals in this area. Most people are not physically active and are unhealthy.
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There isn't much pollution but there is not very many fun activities that you can do outside. There is one park in this area. It is very small and in poor condition.
This community is meant for older people. It's a retirement town.
The crime rates in this area is low and so is the visibility of the police. For the mostpart I feel safe where I live.
There are little job opportunities in this area. Most people's jobs are not what they actually dream of doing.
We do not have very many stores, but the few I have been in don't have very much to offer. You have to go to the next town to get most things that you need.
The quality of housing is okay depending upon what part you live in. Some houses are very nice but most are run down. There are quite a few vacant and abandoned properties.
The transportation in this area is so-so. The pedestrians can walk safely through and across the street and there is parking. I live in a rural town so there is little traffic and no public transportation.
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