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Weiser is a community that lives their children and supports all community businesses during times like these
Weiser is a great town to grow up in as a kid. There is very little crime or anything bad going on out here. One thing I like to see change is to have more of a job opportunity going on in the area due to new people coming into the town.
Their are citizens whom drive around with racial flags on their vehicles giving dirty looks to minorities and they drive right by the police station and the police dont do nothing they drive right by city hall and they dont care they support racism in this city its ashame .
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Small town that is based off of one race racism at an high low income housing the worst Tomlinson group the worst.
No police really only one grocery store.
Don't be fooled watch out not an good place at all .
I'm just moving to Weiser and the people are very friendly and helpful. What is really nice about Weiser is that for such a small town they have everything there that you need.
Not enough jobs only one grocery store their are some nice people in this city but then their is racism in this town.housing meh ok before you move here make sure you do some research on this town
What I like about weiser is that it’s a safe and friendly town but one thing I will change is that there is a lot of racism. At school last year a lot of other students brought their confederate flag and drove around the school parking lot and there are time where people stare at you for being a different color. That’s one thing I wish was different that people will be more open minded.
I love Weiser, Idaho. The people here are loving and they support one another. The entire town rallies behind the high school and its students. When other towns need help, Weiser steps up. There are many churches that all lead service projects. The community is tight knit and understanding.
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This is a great place to grow up. Friendly, caring, and helpful people. Schools that go out of their way to help you better yourself and have excellent programs. Local business are very involved with the community. Many different churches to choose from. Pretty town and close to larger cities or wilderness adventures.
I love living in Weiser. It's a great family town. There are school sports for the children. Job opportunities and outdoor activities.
There are very few job opportunities and the few that there are, are minimum paying jobs, putting those families at a poverty living level.
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