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Live in a small neighborhood
Downtown is becoming revitalized. Shops, restaurants, etc.
In this small town, Dover, there is not that much to do. Therefore, I am giving an okay rating because they are just that, okay.
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Hershey park is fun place to visit.
The police station is very active in the community. We have 2 fire departments. they seem to be very active in the community as well.
I feel safe in my neighborhood. Crime happens but not terribly often.
We have the typical 4 seasons. Cold in the winter with snow storms. Hot in the summer.
In Dover you can find jobs at grocery stores and drug stores. Traveling out to the surrounding areas would be most likely. I work in the York area, so I travel about 30 minutes to work.
Dover does not have any great restaurants or bars. We have a few local pizza shops and a McDonalds. We need to travel out of Dover to find a nice restaurant or bar.
In the Dover area we have two automotive stores across the street from one another. We have 3 different drug stores. One hardware store, one dollar general store. We have a few in home salons and one chain salon that just does cuts. We have two large grocery stores, Giant and Weis. Several gas stations. We also have several different banks in the area. We have one fast food chain being McDonalds. Several small pizza shops, but what we need is a nice restaurant.
There are nice local business in this area that are very versatile. I love that they have a Kohl's and Target nearby. Just learned that we may be getting a H & M store soon at the West Manchester Mall.
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