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Weehawken is a great place to live for people who work in New York City. I like how it is close to centric areas without beign too crowded. Very friendly and healthy environment.
Weehawken township has great proximity to NYC and to Hoboken. The elementary schools are amongst the best in the Gold Coast area of NJ. It’s much better to find a good place here than paying a crazy amount in Hoboken or Newport area.
Great town beautiful view amazing restaurants and easy commute. Lots of new appartement buildings and NYC skyline views
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The view of nyc is fantastic. The proximity to local supermarkets and stores is very well. It is as if you are living in NYC but without the stress and the hectic lifestyle
It's a great area. Small-town atmosphere and super close to the city. It's close to the water and has amazing views of Manhattan. The only thing it sorely needs is any kind of nightlife.
I have lived in Weehawken for the past two years. I decided to move to Weehawken because I work in New York City, however, I do not want to pay New York City rent prices. Apartment prices in Weehawken are slightly cheaper than New York City, with much more amenities, safer area, and significantly cleaner. Weehawken is very close to Hoboken which has a more diversified night life (Weehawken is very lacking). However, this works for me because it’s only a $7 uber ride away. Weehawken’s residential market is certainly booming with condos and apartments being built everywhere along the water.
Weehawken is a beautiful place with magnificent homes and a sneaky amount of interesting history. I love taking long runs by the waterfront and having the best view of Manhattan, which is simply incredible. Nothing beats the view, the history, or the kind people.
I love the living in New Jersey, specifically Weehawken. It is such a charming and friendly community filled with a rich history. It is in a perfect location with only a twenty minute commute to Manhattan, all the while right on the edge of the interstate to the New Jersey Turnpike. There are historical landmarks to be found around every corner, with very interesting tales to be told.
Weehawken is a small, quiet and diverse residential neighborhood. It's like a gold nugget found in the midst of an otherwise very busy area. The view of the NYC skyline along the Hudson River is priceless. It has a small town feel but with a sense of sophistication, history and culture. Proximity to NYC is as good as it can get. Development on the waterfront allows for miles of opportunity for cycling, walking and running. The Township provides enjoyable and meaningful community programs. As a resident on the bluff, I find some frustration in the limited shopping/dining/conveniences available within walking distance; however, this isn't the case for residents living on the waterfront. Overall, I enjoy living here and think it's a special place.
Neighbors are generally friendly. There is a great view of the NYC skyline and the city is only 15 minutes away by car, which is really convenient. Also, most parts of the neighborhood are very quiet and peaceful, so you get the best of both worlds between city life and suburban life.
There is quite a bit. You can find and meet really nice business owners on almost every street.
If you try even moderately hard then there is quite a good chance.
There are always people running on Blvd East. There are also many gyms in neighboring towns. There is the Weehawken Waterfront Field that has areas for people to exercise. Many non residents there.
There are many huge turn of the century homes in Weehawken. Some have been "cut" up into multiple apartments. There are also "pre-war"apartment buildings with no more than 5 floors. Recently they have been developing the waterfront and those properties are very expensive. Rents and home prices have increased in the last few years. There are very few vacant properties.
NJ Transit is what it is, good days and not so good days. It can take 10 minutes to get into Port Authority, NYC or over an hour but that's not NJ Transit fault. Lots of sidewalks to walk around town. NY waterway rocks! I have a driveway so I don't have the parking challenge that those that don't have a driveway have. The town regularly tickets cars without the Weehawken town parking sticker to discourage non residents to park on our streets.
Weehawken is a "small town" in an urban place. We are next door to the biggest terrorist target in the world so they are on top of it. Local crime is minimal but I am a firm believer that anything can happen any time any where, even in a rural community.
Overall Weehawken is a great place to live. It's close proximity to NYC makes it a great find. New construction along the Hudson River is attracting more white collar workers but I'm not sure they are sending their kids to the Weehawken public schools, which is about 60% minority. They are choosing private schools even though Weehawken public school is ranked one of the best in the country. This choice keeps people from getting involved with the community. By the way, the mayor of Weehawken makes it a point to offer it's residents many things like free recreational sports for the kids to "Fun Day" at the park to many other free things for it's residents.
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Weehawken is located across the Hudson River opposite NYC. Jobs here are what you make of it. You can really get a job somewhere.
For the most part everyone around me are nice people. Very diverse, many immigrants from Latino countries along with many transplants from around the US, but many people that have lived here their whole lives.
There actually aren't that many good stores in Weehawken I have to travel to Hoboken or Edgewater for anything good. As far as restaurants, there are a few in Weehawken, mostly too pricey for me. Hoboken is full of them so I head there. Big stores like Walmart or Home depot or Target are a short drive away in Secaucus or North Bergen. One thing Weehawken does not need any more of is liquor stores. There's one on every block.
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