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A small quite town in central New York. Good school, and good community. Mostly a republican community.
It's a good enough place to grow up. It's very safe and not much happen. But that's just it, NOTHING HAPPENS. And if your POC or LGBT don't expect their to be a wide support group. Don't get me wrong, their are plenty of decent people here, but a lot of jerks to.
Weedsport is a small town once made of farms and friends. Most people here are still kind hardworking folks. The type of personality is starting to change though; becoming more hateful and aggressive. I believe this to be caused by the uncertainty of the nation, and the fear that is being projected by our current government. I would like to see programs in Weedsport that allow refugees to live and work amongst the locals. I truly believe that getting to know the "enemy" would open hearts and minds alike.
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Weedsport is a small town just located off of Exit 40 on the New York State Thruway. Being so close to the thruway it offers close commuting to small town jobs or large intercity employment. Weedsport has its own school system that is rated one of the best school districts in New York. The community is close knit and there are many diverse housing options available.
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