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Small, quiet town with great access to Charlotte as well as 485. Many good shops as well as great places to eat. Beautiful town to live in!
Weddington is a great community of active residents. The schools are excellent and provide many enrichment opportunities for students. Town zoning requires 1 acre lots so no overcrowded neighborhoods like surrounding towns. The town has a nice country feel with a number lakes throughout. It’s about as far south you’d want to go if commute to Charlotte. With new shopping and restaurant areas built in 2017, there are many places to go out to dinner or drinks.
We love Weddington! Huge lots! Safe, family atmosphere. Best schools in the county and top three in the state.
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Wonderful place to raise children. Best schools in the state. A close proximity to Charlotte. It is like living in the country, but within 5 minutes of the Charlotte city limit.
A very good suburb to live in, especially for middle class families with children. Very safe, excellent public schools in the area, close to a good city, with a variety of fun things to do that are within an hour away from the town.
Weddington is a great place to live. It is known for its country feel with houses on one acre lots but it is close to the city of Charlotte and all of the amenities you can find. The schools are some of the best in the State. It's a beautiful place to be.
Weddington has the appearance of a small town - Friday night football games, copious amounts of trees, and a high likelihood of running into a classmate at the local Target - but in many ways, it is a typical suburb. The nature is rather aesthetically pleasing and there are plenty of nearby shopping centers dubbed as the weekend hangouts. However, a downside would be that there are not too many nearby, exciting things to do. The mall is at least half an hour away, as well as any fun activities that you haven't done a million times before. The area also has a reputation for snobby teenagers with rich parents.
I loved the small community and mix between suburb communities and farmland. The schools are excellent and the churches and other organizations in the area provide a lot to do. Roads are a bit small but good and the town has easy access to all parts of Charlotte. Great place to live and work.
Weddington is a wonderful town to live in. People are so intelligent, driven, and friendly here. It has many stores at a close distance, plenty of diversity, and the safety of the public is a priority. Amazing schools are in this area to ensure your child has the best education.
Weddington is an amazing area to live in. The town has a mass amount of neighborhoods and pretty good schools. There is lots of activities to do around the area. Everyone in this town is so nice and welcoming.
very few vacant properties in this area
there are a few car break ins (mostly in cars that have been left unlocked) by teens looking for unlocked cars with valuables in place.
Love the overall sense of community of this area, love the schools (for most part), love small town feel
I don't know of much crime in the area I live. I feel safe where I live. The police and paramedics respond quickly to situations and I appreciate them for that.
I love living where I do! I find the people here to be very nice, and find there are a lot of fun and interesting things to do. With great shops and areas for you to fine fun hobbies, you can't go wrong!
There is a lot of growth in this area. you never get bored.
With little exception, everything is very well kept by the homeowners.
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My biggest complaint is that the waste companies are privatized (not county run like Mecklenburg) and all very poorly run.
The new park that just opened is a beautiful, scenic park with a walking trail. There is no playground though so I wouldn't say it's the most family friendly.
It's the weather. Sometimes it's unpredictable, but that's just how NC is.
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