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Home of the largest lake in Massachusetts, it welcomes you with beautiful landscape. This town has a mix of high class and poverty stricken neighborhoods. The high school has built an incredible community and has some of the most dedicated teachers. The beaches could use some work, but overall it is a very modernized town with lots of places to eat and is close to major hot spots like the Blackstone Plaza and the city of Worcester.
It is extremely dangerous here. There are many awful people, drugs, and a lot of crime relating to drugs and sexual harassment as well as robberies in some of the lower run neighborhoods
I would like the town to have more fun activities. There is not much to do in this small town. Something like a movie theatre would be nice. The friendliness in people could improve. I live in a good area, however the town is not that great. Going to a park with your little one could improve by the older kids not ruin them or maybe even leaving when the smaller kids arrive their.
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I've lived in Webster for 4 years now and it has its good and bad areas. By the lake is beautiful and has nice people however closer to the town center is more questionable and has rather interesting people in the sense that they are not as well off and partake in substance abuse.
What I like about Webster is that all your necessities are within a reasonable distance. There are plenty of areas that are family friendly as well multiple public parks to play sports or to spend time with friends. I really enjoy the lake and the little beach Webster has to offer to have a nice, relaxing day. Many restaurants and little hidden gems for food are always great to go to. Overall, Webster has many good things it has going for itself.
I really love it here so far. I have been here for about a year or so and it is very peaceful and the office workers are always nice and friendly.
Webster, Massachusetts is a small town in the Worcester area. The surrounding towns are Dudley, Milford, and my favorite Oxford. Webster also boarders Putnam, Connecticut. The commute to Worcester is only about fifteen minutes, depending on traffic. The community is well rounded and has a wide variety of different cultures.
The community is very involved in supporting low income families by providing annual outings at the local Webster Lake. The outings offer many different activities for all ages, including adults. I was able to ride on speedboats with my husband and children while attending an outing there. The local police and fire department also get involved with the community by showing off there police dogs and special armor. The community seems to enjoy this event as there are many that attend.
I like that there is a 24 hr grocery store and they just recently opened a mexican restaurant. It is constantly trying to improve it just hasn't made it yet. The townsfolk some are decent but the majority make it a poverty town. I'd prefer not to be in this area if I could help it but the few nice people we find here are worth it to stick around.
Great town for outdoorsy people who like fishing and hunting, the grocery store is wonderful. It's a little podunk and rundown overall though.
My experience in Webster isn't a 100% amazing, but it is home. Just like anywhere you grow up. You get use to the quirkiness of the town. Webster I believe is a homely place, its not the best to live. But it is what you make of it. We conveniently have a price chopper and almost all the fast foods in town alone, also auto part stores and its just a well managed town.
Although it is by far not among the worst living situations in the United States, this area is very displeasing at times. Some parts being better than others, citizens are subjected to feel unsafe and degraded when entering certain parts of town.
The overall scenery of this area is displeasing. This being, the cleanliness and general sense of community is declining.
I actually lived next door to a suspect for murder until he moved away shortly after his warrant was released.
I would prefer to live in the city where ive grown up all my life, however it's not a miserable neighborhood I now live in.
Police in this area do the best they can to keep this place safe.
There is a nice lake to enjoy in the summer time, and good school systems.
I'm not aware of much crime.
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We live on a beautiful lake at a dead end street so there isn't any traffic. We are surrounded by water on 3 sides. So this is why we love where we live. As far as living in a town where most are educated, we don't. Many people are poor and uneducated. Those who live on the lake are well off. We aren't. the public schools are full of rough kids, so our kids attend the vocational technical high school where they are getting a great education. Webster has built some new schools, and they are working on providing a better education to their students. The businesses in town struggle to stay a float. Many businesses don't make it.
Crimes usually consists of minor things such as slight vandalism and the occasional robbery of a corner store but police are great at responding to situations.
The area is very diverse economically with a major boom in commerce within the last few years. Overall improvements around the town have helped revitalize some of the more run down areas and breathe new life into areas that haven't seen use in years.
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