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I moved to Weatogue two years ago from Central Jersey. When my husband was medically retired from the military we wanted a nice quiet place to raise our 5 kids in a great neighborhood with a great school district. We found the perfect home where two houses down is the townline of Avon and Weatogue. It's perfect enough to feel like you're taking a walk through the woods yet down the road there is a strip of restaurants, shopping centers and walk-in clinics. My husband is 80% disabled and the thought of loud noises can be overwhelming for him. Here, in Weatogue, my backyard is a wooded area where we see wildlife from our kitchen window. You wouldn't even know there's a busy road a half mile away. I'm very thankful to have moved here!
Weatogue is a quiet town with a large population of elderly people and wealthy people. There is an abundance of family oriented activities all around town including ice-skating, swimming, and picnics. There are beautiful parks and soccer fields all around. Neighborhoods are generally friendly all around and the community is very active from time to time, participating in parades, fairs, and music festivals. Weatogue's schools are top-tier in the state and are well known for the money put into school programs.
If anything the cops are over-responsive. They are full of themselves, with no crime and nothing to do, so they abuse what power they have. For example, interrupting a children's concert in the middle of a solo to tell everyone to move their cars out of the fire lane. I understand that people had to move their cars, but in the middle of a solo? Everyone in my town has these stories. I love that they're there, but they're mean about being there.
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I love the beauty of the town, but the school works against you. I wish things were more wheelchair accessible too.
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