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I loved the private community feel. It was very safe and always had a police circling the lake. On the down side with the safety comes the need to never go above the posted speed limit, not even 1 mph over.
Love this place! Love the Lake and the community. While there are aspect that I would change, I love the feel of the little lake community and wouldn't have wished to live in any other place.
In Weatherby Lake, there is little to no crime. We are able to leave our doors unlocked during the day without worry of an intruder. You are able to walk around any time of day and night without worry of crime. The police are constantly on duty and driving around ensuring the safety of the community.
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Growing up in this area has been a dream. It is very safe and the surrounding areas has a range of different neighborhoods with houses valued at different prices. I attended one of the best public schools in Missouri and received a great education. I honestly wouldn't have wanted to be raised anywhere else in the US.
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