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I see a police officer every day when I'm driving around town. They make themselves very visible to the public eye, There aren't a ton of crime waves around this area. Maybe a drug offense here and there but not a lot of hard crimes like murders and break ins as far as I'm aware. I can't really say I have any concerns at this time.
In this area there is a lot of country sides and rolling hills. I doesn't consist of houses being back to back with one another. It has beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the weather is great, at least most of the time. Winters here are not too harsh although we do get a fair amount of snow. Its a beautiful area for one to raise a family. I love living on the country side where my dogs can just be free and run like they are meant to. The atmosphere here is wonderful. Its a smaller town with a smaller population making it so everyone gets the amount of privacy they need. I could definitely see myself raising my children here someday. I couldn't even imagine raising kids in a city like environment.
The summer weather is great. Usually between 70s and 80s every day. Winters are tough. Very cold, we've had some pretty bad snow storms as well. Spring is usually rainy, and pretty moderate temperatures. Fall is beautiful. Chilly weather, but beautiful sights.
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Great camping opportunities. Right on Lake Michigan, camping on the beach. Lots of little shops and restaurants.
There are a few work out areas in the area. A couple of them are actual gyms, another is a gym that is part of a public school that is open to the public upon registration. All easy access, all professionally run, just a matter of choosing.
Most of the restaurants are either fast food places, or small town bars. There are a few small restaurants and café type places as well, but the majority of them are fast food chains or small bars.
There are great opportunities for jobs in my area. Although some may be seasonal, due to the seasonal nature of my town, there are still great opportunities for employment.
Most of the local businesses that are around me are family owned. There are two main grocery stores, both owned by two different families. There are also quite a few retail stores that are family owned. There are many other stores that are run by big companies as well. All of the local stores have everything a family needs, like clothing, food, household items, etc.
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