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Weare is a great town to bring children up in. While Weare is large in acreage it has a nice small town feel. Everybody is so friendly and loves our town. My son has had an excellent experience with the schools. The crime rate is very low. Houses are affordable. I highly recommend Weare to families
Weare is a countryside, quaint, spacious town. It’s very nice to live in Weare because of all of the privacy it offers. The best part about Weare is that there’s a nice lake to go and enjoy a nice beach day with family and friends.
Weare, Nh is a great town located in Southern New Hampshire. Within 20 minutes of Concord, and Manchester, Weare is a remote community that is accessible to larger cities. There's an abundance of wildlife, and great resources such as schools, fire department and police.
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A quiet town, Weare offers a conveniently close living location to both Concord and Manchester. With good infrastructure the town is most certainly prospering. There is little to no crime and the school system is one of the better ones in the state.
I like how big Weare is. It is not too small or too big it is the right size. I also like how safe Weare is. I do not feel harmed or concerned about anything. I also like how you know everyone and how friendly the community is. Lastly, I think the schools are good and safe.
Very safe and connected community. Members of the community are always willing to give a helping hand whenever and wherever it's needed.
I think the best thing about Weare is the possibility of adventure. Plenty of outdoor opportunities like hiking and biking, combined with friendly people, make it a great place to spend time outside. Many people have never heard of it, but that only adds its allure of escape. I lived my whole life here and took it for granted until I moved to Florida. It was only then that I realized how amazing a place like Weare, NH could be.
I have always been around Weare and have now moved to live here. As it is a quiet setting the night life is minimal but living here is great !
I loved growing up in Weare. It's a small town in which everyone knows everyone. You will make lifelong friends with lifelong memories. Growing up in Weare, you learn the true meaning of "living in the sticks" or the "neck of the woods".
I lived in Weare NH for 12 years, I enjoyed the country life being outside, mountain biking, hiking, camping, having camp fires and much more!!! being around the Nabors was always special, because they were very friendly and kind.
The school systems are great. Since it is a small town, pretty much everyone knows everyone which is a nice thing. You always have friends nearby. The only bad thing is that there isn't much for entertainment so you have to travel to Manchester or Concord to be able to do anything.
I love the town of We are. It is a quiet town far enough away from the hustle and bustle but a short drive to everything.
Overall I love living here!
Small town living is great!
Great atmosphere, very friendly town. It is very clean and a relaxed environment.
The people in this area are great, friendly and hard working.
Here in Weare New Hampshire, it is very quiet and conservative. Not many things to see but people here make the most of their environment and hike, swim, ski, snowboard, fish etc. It is not busy and overpopulated yet calm here in Weare. Compared to other city-like areas, I believe that Weare is much better. It I would choose to stay in Weare and relive my 18 years of life here. It is a wonderful and peaceful community with loving and colorful people that brighten my day.
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There are jobs, they aren't the best, they don't have the best pay.
Most neighborhoods are very spaced out, meaning you would never look into your neighbors window and see them changing.
All the business owners in the area are very friendly!
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