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We have small petty crime, minor theft and vandalism. More homes are installing video security and communicating more through the Nextdoor app
Our neighborhood does not enforce a Homeowners association, causing some property to fall into disrepair.
The neighborhood I currently live in is infamous for the crime that goes on within the neighborhood, but police usually patrol it and are quick to respond.
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I have lived here my whole life and I would not choose to live anywhere else because I have seen the living conditions/values of other places.
On the side of our town where I live there is little crime. The most we see is some teenage burglaries. On the other side of town crime is a little more prevalent but as far as i know it is handled well.
It is perfect if you are looking for a place to settle down in. When I am done with college I would personally live in a bigger city. This area is great for a family with children. A very homey area with a great selection of restaurants. Overall a great place to raise a family and find a job.
The sense of safety in Lafayette has gone down a lot in the past few years.
Lafayette is a fairly nice city. I would live here when I am older. I would not mind if my kids grew up here. The only thing is the growing crime rate.
Average cost of living. Most areas are kept up.
Good place to live, not much to complain about.
Not a lot of crime in this area. For the most part I feel I am safe.
I would definately choose to live here again. The area is on the safer end of town. Most people tend to take care of their homes around here.
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