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The downtown area is one of my favorite places to go to! It's right next to Lake Minnetonka, and it's a very cute little town with many restaurants. Everyone is very nice and friendly, and most of the residents are fairly wealthy.
If you have a Hunna racks bustin out a rapper and a bently truck is common place for you, this is the pefect place to live. If you can only settle for an s class go live in edina
Beautiful neighborhoods with individualistic architecture of the homes and fresh landscaping, filled with a bustling population of welcoming and engaging people
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I love Wayzata. I work at the Starbucks in town and everyone that comes in is so friendly. The energy in Wayzata is always so positive and everyone seems so happy. Being there puts me in a good mood every time.
Wayzata has a small town feel while being located 10 minutes from Downtown Minneapolis. It is a beautiful community on the shores of Lake Minnetonka
Great place to live near the lakes and close to the city. Lots of bike trails and beaches around to enjoy.
A beautiful area surrounded by lakes, Wayzata is a manicured suburb. The public school system is robust, boasting high test scores and offering innumerable after school activities. The area is family friendly but there is still plenty of places for young people to go out and hit the town at night. Wayzata is a wonderful place to grow up!
Wayzata is a beautiful town. It is safe, family friendly, and surrounded by Lake Minnetonka. The cost of living is high due to the location, but it is a wonderful place to explore for people of all ages.
Wayzata has gorgeous homes and good neighborhoods but offers little else to justify its high prices. It's an image you buy more so than a home; a place for people to seclude themselves in upper class culture. Although it has a few unique stores and restaurants to visit, it's much too small for there to be anything to do. Even the library, though pretty, has poor selection and services in comparison to libraries such as Rigedale's. You'll find more restaurants, clubs, community classes, etc. in Minneapolis itself. It's best to spend your money in central Minneapolis where the art scene and nightlife are thriving.
I like the area, just don't have enough time to enjoy it.
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