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It is a quiet place. It is very kid friendly, needs more stores. It also needs more opportunities for
Waynesboro has great potential and is working toward reaching it's full glory, but it's been a long process that has seemed drawn out and delayed. But overall, making good progress.
Fairly nice city. Handful of attractions and relatively active downtown. Some areas I wouldn't go to at night, but fine aside from that.
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Small town with a lot of history. Really diverse considering its size and location. Beautiful area, great food, and awesome atmosphere.
Waynesboro is a small town with a bad reputation... while it can be quaint and charming and it has a lovely location at the foot of beautiful Afton mountain, it is also home to a large mass of disgustingly unhealthy and obese people, as well as common place to find meth, crack and heroine dealers. Also, aside from a few successes, Waynesboro is where businesses and restaurants come to die. I can think of 25+ businesses or restaurants I've seen come and go in the 18 years I've lived here. The only thing that flies here is chain restaurant garbage. So yea, keep moving. Go to Staunton or Charlottesville.
I've lived in Waynesboro my whole life and it's a pretty average place. There isn't too much to do but there are lots of restaurants and friendly people.
Waynesboro has a lot of potential as this city has been growing in recent years. There are areas that need to be addressed, like the area coming into town from Afton Mountain. Overall, this has been a great place to grow up and work.
The cost of living in Waynesboro is cheap and the commute to Charlottesville is not bad. Those are the only positive qualities about the city. There is little to no nightlife, the school system is terrible, and it seems that ignorance is bred here.
I love my town. It is a great place to live. I have lived here my whole life. I have always felt safe. I would highly suggest everyone to move to this charming town. Semi ok public schools. But the parks make up for that.
It has that hometown atmosphere, country living but is currently growing into a metropolitan city. There is plenty of things to do to be in the Mountains of Virginia.
I would like to see more grocery variety stores besides Kroger, Walmart, Target.
I have lived here all my life. I do like it here, but just ready for a change. One thing I would complain about is when we want to do things as a family or even a parent night, we have to do a little traveling. Not much to do.
It's a small city in rural VA. If you would like to get away from the big city or suburbia, then Waynesboro may a good fit. The surrounding areas are very agrarian. It's quiet, rural, and most of the time people let you be.
Waynesboro can be a good place to live if you are in the right neighborhood. It is in a good location, half way between Harrisonburg and Charlottesville so there is lots of choices for shopping and entertainment. Cost of living is relatively low, but schools in the area are not the best.
I like the mountain scenery and the friendly people the most. It is relatively a small town that has grown construction wise, but I would like to see more things in this area for children to do. There are a lot of children in this area and not a lot of things for them to do.
I have lived in Waynesboro since I was five years old and have loved every bit of it. My mom got cancer the same year we moved in, and it was amazing to see how our community took us under its wing. I love being able to ride my bike to any place in town. I love walking into Walmart and running into a friend in the produce section or a former teacher in crafts or a church member in checkout. I love the fact that I have swam on the city-funded swim team every summer for ten years, and now I help coach it. Although small in size, Waynesboro is huge in heart.
crime in this area is not good,but for the most part it could always be improved in many ways for all the people that live in the area.
Right now things are great but like any other area of living things could be better.Thanks.
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The police so a great job in the area. The respond fast and appropriately.
I would change the people that live her. They aren't as kind as people in some places. I also disagree with the common opinion in the area.
There are some places in town that I would prefer not to go alone as a 20 something female. But most places are very safe, and there are neighborhood watches all over.
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