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Wayne is known for their fantastic lake communities, especially Packanack Lake and Pines Lake. My partner and I both work in Manhattan, and its a 30/35 minute commute from Wayne Transit Center to Port Authority during non-rush hour, and about 50/60 minutes during rush hour depending on weather. The neighbors are friendly, no downtown center like Montclair/Ridgewood (which is a shame since it would do so well in this town) though the malls are nearby, and plenty of shopping. Whole Foods is expected to come soon to Valley Road which runs from south to north in the middle of town which adds to the plethora of options.
I like the school system and that there are many opportunities to shop locally. I don't like that the town is so big and crowded.
Wayne is the perfect suburban environment for teenagers because there is so much that is close that you can do. I enjoyed the proximity of stores and restaurants as well as the fact that the school system is really good. Definitely an underrated town.
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We live in the Pines Lake section and it’s a great place for families. The lake communities like Pines Lake or Packanack are special - a bit of an escape from the northern NJ energy. They feel like their own separate towns. Wayne at large is nice too!
I grew up in Wayne and went to the public high school. This is your average town with rich and poor and in between. The schools are not rated the best but most of the teachers I have had over the years really care about their students and love to teach. There are many houses for sale and is a very good market right now.
Wayne is a very friendly and safe town. It is family oriented. One can enjoy a walk or run around Packanack Lake, there are many play grounds for kids, also the mall is conveniently located in town. The school systems are very good and help prepare oneself for college.
Wayne has great schools and many great restaurants. I wish there was more nightlife and exciting things to do.
Wayne is a nice town to reside in for many reasons. There are many colleges within driving distance and it is a safer town than for example Paterson. Also New York City is just a short drive away.
Wayne is a nice town with lots of places to go but the people in town come off very entitled and snobby but overall a good place to live
Wayne is a great place to raise a family. Taxes are high but where in NJ with good schools are they low? I feel safe anywhere I go and everyone is very friendly. A lot of homes which have been passed down or with original owners and now transitioning. This speaks to the town’s culture and shows that most people come here to stay. I am proud to be raising my family here.
It’s a great city if you have a family and work in NYC. Safe and diverse. Wayne has great schools. Moreover, there are many shopping centers located in Wayne, which makes it convenient for families.
Wayne is just ok. For young kids, there are many options for childcare. Try to find a house close to 23 or 46. Otherwise it can take forever to get anywhere. Traffic sucks as the area is so congested. If you live closer to Paterson, prepare for everyone who visits to complain about it. I think you can do better in this part of New Jersey!
It's quiet. Nice place with all the trees. I like where I live. We have public transportation close to us. William Paterson University is also close, restaurants and convenient stores etc.
I love living in Wayne. Everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips. In my area, Packanack Lake, there is a true sense of community. There are activities for the lake members of all ages to take part in. We have our own elementary school, golf course, church, tennis and recreation center, beaches, and clubs.
Very safe, good food, great schools, huge town but somehow everyone still knows each other. Lots of things to do and a great place to raise a family.
I moved to Wayne, NJ in 1995 based on its reputation for great schools and good value for homes. My assessment a couple of decades later:

* The schools aren't that great and the taxes are very high
* The tax rate is one of the highest in NJ because it is subsidizing poor towns in the county, and the town's homes have not be revalued in over 40 years
* There is no real town center or personality for the town
* There are very few decent restaurants, and you need to travel to other parts of NJ to get a great dining experience
* There are entire malls that are empty for years
* Free-standing buildings sit empty for years, even decades and dot the landscape like ancient ruins
* The commute to the city is an hour, at best, and usually 1.5 hours each way
I have lived nearby Wayne all of my life, and currently living there myself. It is a very large town and a very safe environment.
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Love the convenience to NYC! Taxes are high! Sports programs are great. Library is great. Schools are the best. Shopping and movie theaters and restaurants galore.
Wayne is a very large town where you will see new people every time you leave your house. For such a large town, there is not much to do, specfically for young people. You're limited to movies, bowling, ice skating, the mall, or just getting food. There is not an activity that stands out against other places.
Wayne is a suburb in Northern, New Jersey. There are 14 public high schools among many private schools. Wayne is 26 square miles and is populated by about 60,000 people.
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