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Lots of things to do and everyone is close to each other! There's plenty of good places to eat and it isn't too far away from places like Scranton and Clarks Summit!
There are many types of housing in the area. We have single family, multifamily, apartments, as well as nursing and assisted living homes. There are only a few abandoned properties. The cost of living is low compared to some other areas. In this area a community called the "Hideout" is a place to avoid.
Most people who live here, grew up here. Our area is very pet and family oriented. There are a lot of farms in the area with many types of animals. Most people own pets, and when the weather is nice you will see many people walking their dogs.
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I do feel extremely safe in my town. Crime is low, but unfortunately, because of this being a small town, drugs are becoming a big problem. Our local cops are always out and about. The cops in our town lived here their whole life so they know a lot of people. They are very friendly and approachable.
The area I live in is a small town. There is one light in town, a pharmacy, a small supermarket, a bank, and a few small family restaurants. Everyone knows everyone. We also have a campsite in our town so there are always people visiting. People are usually very friendly and courteous. Prior to moving to this town we lived in New Jersey. Living where I do everyone is laid back and not in a constant rush like in New Jersey. Since moving here 10 years ago, it is definitely getting more populated. In the future I believe the area is going to keep becoming more populated like it has since we moved here.
The three local Bars have the best made drinks
I love all of our little mom and pop stores, grocery stores, gas stations, they are so cute and nice for this awesome area !
It's okay, you just need to look for work and you can find work.
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