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Nice people, nice education system. Not a lot of crime except the occasional adolescent drug use. Not noticeable unless you're actually enrolled in high school. The high school has been recently renovated and has a new and modern look. Safe neighborhood, lots of people walking their dogs and jogging, if you pass someone they always smile and say hello. It's a fairly rich and prestigious town. Lots of people are lawyers. Not very diverse, mostly white followed by asian. School uses METCO program which might be nice for some people. School athletics is top notch apparently. Supermarket opened up recently in town center, everything you need is within reach. 20 min drive from inner Boston. Very nice town overall.
Wayland is definitely a more liberal small suburb but since it isn't an extremely affordable place to live, there isn't a lot of diversity regarding socioeconomics, or race.
Safe town, not far from Boston so most people commute to the city for work. Not much in terms of entertainment you're going to have to go to nearby towns and/or Boston for that. School system is good. Houses here are pretty expensive. There some division between north and south Wayland. I grew up here and it is a nice place but I personally didn't fit.
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Wayland is a great town with great schools. Highly recommend families to live here. It isn't the busiest place but is around many other po;ular towns and is not too far from Boston. If you are looking to settle down, this is a good place.
I really like it here, everyone is really nice and open to new people. The town its self is very clean and pretty and there is always new buildings coming up and being built to make the town better.
Great town to grow up in, good schools, safe,close to boston, its cultural life and many young people/students, visitors, multi cultural activities
There is little crime from my area. Crime and saftey is not much of a concern, but when there is a problem or emergency the situation is normally handled in a timely manner.
It is a nice and quiet area. The area has areas for wildlife and places to connect with nature. There are not many places for children to meet up like an activity center.
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