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Standard rural town. Can sometimes be boring due to a lack of nightlife. Schools in the area are affordable and give a fair education.
I love living here. I have lived here with my family for 19 years. Great neighborhoods and quiet country roads.
People need to be friendlier
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Slowly areas that were once she aren't anymore
This area has significantly changed and decreased in value since moving here.
I believe the crime rate to be low in my area, but have not dealt with a situation.
I like the town I am in and the surrounding neighbors.
The community is extremely friendly. People lend helping hands no matter what your background or personality is.
There is little to no crime. I feel like I could walk up the street at 3 am.
There is plenty to do. You can get a good bite to eat in Warwick or Middletown. You can go hiking all over, like Bear Cliff and Breakneck Mountain.
I grew up here so I don't have much to compare it to. I go to school in the city now and I like it there better, but New Hampton made me who I am so I can't complain that much.
It's not enough to be great but it's better
These questions I liked better than the previous
My review will most likely stay to it's okay.
There aren't many abandoned houses and there's usually quite an abundance of lawn space for each property. People are close enough to be neighborly, but the houses aren't on top of each other.
What type of public services even are there. We don't have any type of community rec center or anything.
I have never felt unsafe in this area. Nothing really ever happens here.
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I love having all four seasons. We have snow in the winter, rain in the spring, heat in the summer, and wind in the fall.
We mostly have dive bars and the occasional tiny pub & grill. New Hampton is small.
Everyone I know either works at a school, a restaurant, or corporate business. There's not much diversity in jobs, and not many are high-paying.
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