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Waverly, Ohio is a nice, small town nestled between the hills of the Scioto Valley. Living is affordable. Close to Chillicothe and about an hour and a half from Columbus, jobs are not too limited. Being located on the main highway, traffic tends to get congested. Many great restaurants and shopping within a twenty minute drive. Also, within a twenty minute drive, is the beautiful Scioto Trail State Park and Lake White State Park. Get your nature fixes here.
Waverly, Ohio is a very small town. It is located 60 miles south of Columbus along 23. I moved to here from Cincinnati, Ohio. It was definitely a major change for me. It has a great retirement community called Bristol Village. A very peaceful town. If you want to live in the country then it as country as it can get with the mix of a city in it. There was not much to do here, so it kinda sucked growing up here as a kid haha. But its a nice place, friendly people.
I've lived in waverly my entire life. It's a very small town that lacks diversity, but is a very family friendly, " everyone knows everyone" type of town.
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Friendly folks, convenient, affordable. Lots of opportunities to get involved with the community for both adults and families. Growing churches.
Waverly is definitely a small town. In recent years it has really lost a lot of the things that made it "home". Mainly, the loss of industry has kind of demolished any kind of 'heart' that the town used to have. And it also seems like all of our popular small town businesses and historical sites have a really weird habit of burning down and never being rebuilt.
I have lived in Waverly, Ohio since I was a little girl. Waverly is a very small community and we pull together in the good and bad times. I have loved living here.
Waverly is a small town, there is not a lot to experience there. Unemployment rates are high and it is a very depressed area.
There is a lot of poverty around here, and with that comes drugs and violence. Heroin and meth are a huge problem around here. It is really sad, a lot of people around here really don't even work. But in their defense its a small town there really aren't that many jobs. Which is just fuel to the fire, recently a whole family was murdered; the Rhoden's. Due to what I interpreted as drug money problems. It just seems like a really sad circle of lack of money and jobs, what else is there to do than get high. And heroin is such an intense drug once your on it the likely hood of one getting off of it is very slim. I grew up with a mom who was addicted to crack and other things. Seeing homeless people and children being neglected and treated poorly around town makes me really infuriated. The town tries to come up with solutions but, like I said its kind of this sick circle of, what can you do?
You can go anywhere you want in the world but its always the people that you surround yourself with that matters. The city might be filled with activities, but it's the things that don't involve money that makes the best memories, and that's what counts most. Waverly might be an extremely small town but I made friends very quickly, their truly great people. I love it here, 10 out of 10 stars for sure. Being honest though, I don't think I would ever move back here. I love experiencing new places and meeting new people, I would probably move back into a city. What can I say I'm a city girl.
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