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In this area there is not a lot of crime. There are no shootings or killings in this area. every once in a while there will be a home invasion, but that does not happen on a regular basis. the community is also very safe, on a regular basis you see police officer's patrolling around the different areas of the community.
Where I used to live had a great community and school atmosphere. the local school system was based right in the center of the community and it always brought everyone in the community together. The community also is not that far from the main strip of town where the mall, restaurants, and local businesses are located. I would live in a community like this once I developed a family because it is a great area to raise kids. I would rank this in the middle of this compared to other communities in the country It's not the best of the best when it comes to communities, but its a great place to start and raise a family.
I dont know a lot about the crime in this area
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I like being close to everything, but still in a suburb setting.
My neighborhood is a very average American neighborhood. There really is not anything fantastic about it, but it is not a terrible place either. Mostly, it is a place you aspire to leave when you grow up.
The safety is okay but it could be improved for many reasons. My classmate just died last year because of a person not following the rules and being reckless. For this I say improvement is needed.
So far, things where I live are alright. I'm getting a great education at my high school and the neighbors are decent.
Safety is overall good in this area. People are rarely known to be under the influence.
This is a great place to live. Great atmosphere and nice people.
Housing is varied on a large scale. There are many types of neighborhoods.
Community in Lansing is strong, but I am not that involved.
Lansing has some pretty bad places as far as crime goes.
Lansing is a great place to live. I've been here my whole life.
Good neighborhood with friendly people. Always a smile.
I love where I am from;however, at times there is not very much to do besides eat. Speaking of eating, Lansing has the most chain restaurant per capita than any other city in the Nation.
The area I live in is a pretty nice neighborhood, given the choice I would choose to live here again.
The area I live in is still for the most part good. It is a quiet residential neighborhood. The thing I would probably change would be the school system. It lacks a challenging curriculum, but it is very diverse which is good.
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Some stuff to do, not tons.
The police around here do their jobs.
Cold in the winter and comfortable in the summer!
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