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Wautoma is a town of around 2000 people. Its small, but close-knit and I did enjoy moving here. However, this just isn't the city for me. I love the fact that everyone knows each other and all the shops are family owned but, this place just isn't for me. Wautoma as a town isn't bad, its small and homey and definitely gorgeous for someone just wanting to settle down.
Wautoma is a small, vacation town in Central Wisconsin. With many small lakes, including Silver Lake, a fishing/boating hotspot, Wautoma makes for a great summer getaway. From growing up in this small town for almost all my life, I can personally say that it is a tight knit community with plenty of outdoor activities to be enjoyed all year round.
Great town to live in. By 8:30 9:00 everything is slowed down. Great places to eat and very friendly people. You have many choices for gas stations and places to get your basic needs
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I love my little town of Wautoma WI. There are a little over 2200 full time, year - round residents, but in the summer, there are many more people visiting from other cities and states. It's a great place to work and live. Quiet, clear air, homey feel.
There are no jobs, and the jobs available are under paid and over worked.
Not much in the area, and what we do have isn't all that great.
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