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Waupaca is one of those small towns that I think we all know about. The kind that, without that one big factory or manufacturing facility, it simply would not exist. In this case, it's the Waupaca Foundry. You either work for the foundry, grinding away in hazardous conditions for upwards of 70 hours a week, raking in the money, but simply having no time or energy to do anything for yourself with that money, or you are a member of the younger generation that wants something more for their lives and is desperately trying to escape that life.
I have lived in Waupaca for 10 years coming from a much bigger town in Wisconsin I love the small town feel. It is a beautiful area with a lot of lakes and outdoor activities . The schools are top notch. We have a very active recreation center with lots of options for activities for kids and adults alike. Despite being a small town we do have summer tourism in the summer which leads to a lot of good restaurant choices in the area. We also are very close to the bigger cities of Stevens point in Appleton for all of your shopping needs.
I've lived here my whole life, but I'm trying to get out. It's a small town. Friendly community. You have the chain and other lakes to enjoy for recreation. Most people trying to sell their house here struggle or take a huge loss. Drugs and crime are an increasing problem. Don't expect a tough response from judges if criminals r caught. Property taxes are very high, and there are few good paying jobs. Case in point, it's a nice little tourist town with summer jobs for teens, but I wouldn't recommend moving here.
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I have lived in Waupaca For 43 years. I have come to the conclusion that if you want good, fun activities for your children to do, outside of school, church, and paid programs at the rec center you will sadly have to leave town. There are no programs, buildings with educational or fun things geared toward growing kids at any age. The rec center that we do have is so poorly supervised that the ill managed children take over and it is not safe for kids with good intentions. Businesses geared for the education or exercise or even fun for children are nowhere to be found in this town, nor have they been since I have lived here. I am completely baffled by it every day that the only thing that we do have for children is the public library and the beach. It is considered a tourist town, fun for only a few days of sight seeing or shopping. I wonder if other tourist towns have the problem?
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